Global Peace Index: More war deaths, more refugees, less peace

The peace situation in the world has worsened for the fourth time in a row last year, according to a study. This has also led to more migration.

Global Peace Index: More war deaths, more refugees, less peace

The world has become less peaceful. This is conclusion of annual Global Peace Index (GPI). Last year, peace situation in 91 countries of total of 163 countries, which had been examined for index (PDF), has worsened. In 71 countries, situation has become more peaceful.

Overall, number of people killed in conflicts increased by 264 percent in period from 2006 to 2016, according to GPI. And number of refugees also increased: for first time in history of modern times, according to GPI, fugitives made up one percent of world's population.

The report also shows that peace has a great effect on economy: in those countries where peace situation has improved, gross domestic product has grown seven times faster than that of States whose level of peace has deteriorated is called It in loft. In terms of gross domestic product, military expenditure was largely decreased.

According to study, economic impact of violence and war can be measured worldwide: 2017, unrest cost around 14.8 trillion US dollars. This is equivalent to an eighth of global gross domestic product. Inflation and interest rates are also much higher in less peaceful states.

Europe remains most peaceful region

The situation has also worsened in Europe and North America, authors of study write. 23 out of 36 European countries, 2017 have become less peaceful, and highest level of peace in Spain has fallen. Neverless, Europe remains most peaceful region in world. Major improvements are being made to survey, especially south of Sahara.

The index also compares situation of individual states: world's most peaceful countries are refore Iceland, New Zealand, Austria, Portugal and Denmark. In last places are Somalia, Iraq, South Sudan, Afghanistan and, ranked 163 of 163, Syria.

The Global Peace Index is Institute for Economics and Peace, an Australian Thinktank. The 163 countries investigated comprise 99.7 percent of world's population. The peacefulness is measured on basis of 23 indicators from three key areas: ' Ongoing conflicts ', ' security and protection ' and ' militarisation '. According to index, ongoing worsening of peace situation is mainly due to escalations between state and internerbewaffneter conflicts, growing terrorism and a diminished commitment to UN peacekeeping operations.

Date Of Update: 06 June 2018, 12:02

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