Golan Heights: Israel shoots Syrian fighter jet

The Israeli army has announced that it has shot down a Syrian jet in its own airspace. In the face of fighting in the south of Syria, one is on alert.

Golan Heights: Israel shoots Syrian fighter jet

According to military, Israel has shot down a Syrian fighter jet that has invaded its airspace. Two defensive missiles were fired on fighter jet of type Sukhoi, military shared. The plane had penetrated Israeli airspace for two kilometres and was n intercepted by missiles. Syria, on or hand, accused Israel of having bombarded machine over Syrian territory. It is second such incident on border in 30 years.

In a communication by Israeli military, it was said that in last few hours re have been increased fights in Syria. The activity of Syrian Air Force has also increased. Israel's army is in a heightened alert.

Israel's head of government, Benjamin Netanyahu, said in evening, "our air defence system has identified a fighter plane of Syrian Air force that had started from T4 base and invaded Israel's airspace." A 1974 ceasefire agreement concluded with Syria includes a demilitarized zone on border with Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Israel will not accept violations, Netanyahu said. "We will not accept an intrusion or push into our territory, on land or in air." The armed forces would have acted accordingly, Netanyahu said.

At first it was unclear wher pilots of jet were still alive. The Syrian Human Rights Observatory reported that one of pilots died, according to activists. The fate of a second crew member is still uncertain. The information provided by London-based body cannot be independently verified, but it is considered to be well-connected in Syria, and its data often apply.

The Syrian government forces are fighting in south of country against a splinter group of terror militia "Islamic State". The extremists of group Jaish Khaled Ibn al-Walid control a small area on border with Golan Heights occupied by Israel. The Syrian Human Rights Monitoring Centre reported that re were more than 100 air strikes in region on Tuesday.

After launch of fighter, Syria accused Israel of supporting terrorist organisations. The "Israeli enemy" targeted an aircraft that had fought armed terrorist groups in south of Syria, reported Syrian state agency SANA.

Followers of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had almost completely recaptured south Syria in recent weeks. Especially in Daraa region, re were still large parts under control of rebels, before Syrian army and Russian Air Force allied with it launched an offensive to region in June. In meantime, most rebels have made ir heavy weapons after agreements with government.

Concern for Syrian missiles in Israeli territory

Israel's missile defense had already been activated on Monday due to fighting in Syria. The Israeli army shared that two missiles of David's Sling (Slingshot Davids) were fired. There was a concern that Syrian missiles could hit Israeli territory. The missiles were ultimately settled on Syrian territory.

Warning sirens howled on Israeli-occupied Golan Heights and in north of Israel on Monday and Tuesday. Local residents reported explosions.

Netanyahu had already talked to a Russian delegation on Monday about situation in Syria. Israel's head of government, during conversation with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and chief of staff Valery Gerasimov, insisted that in longer term all Iranian troops and ir allies would have to withdraw from all of Syria. An Israeli government official later said, according to media reports, that Russia had promised to keep Proiranian forces in Syria in future about 100 kilometers from border with Israel.

Date Of Update: 25 July 2018, 12:02

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