Great Britain: Hundreds demonstrating in London against Trump

With cooking pots and megaphones, people in London want to disrupt the visit of the US president. Donald Trump met with an economic representative at a gala dinner.

Great Britain: Hundreds demonstrating in London against Trump

Several hundred people in London have demonstrated loudly in evening against United Kingdom visit of US president. "Donald Trump is not welcome," chanted participants who had gared near residence of US ambassador at Regent's Park. In House Winfield, Trump and his wife are accommodated. The goal of demonstrators is to rob US president of sleep. With whistles, Vuvuzelas, megaphones and cooking pots, y made noise and shouted ir criticism of Trump's policy.

"How many children have you locked in a cage today?" cried some. This is a reference to US authorities ' dealings with children who in recent weeks have illegally crossed border of Mexico with ir parents to United States. Many families were separated and imprisoned. In order to illustrate suffering of children, demonstrators in London paused briefly during rally to listen to a Tonmitschnitt of children in mourning.

On signs re were slogans like "racist", "lock him in" and "Get Out". As a helicopter took off to bring Trump to a dinner with Prime Minister Theresa May and business representatives in Blenheim near Oxford, Buhte crowd.

Head of Government Theresa May (right) and her husband Philipp stand with US president Donald Trump and his wife Melania in front of Blenheim Palace. © Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

The US president arrived on Thursday from Brussels Nato summit with wife Melania in London. In evening Trumps took part in gala dinner at Blenheim Palace near English city of Oxford. Blenheim Palace is birthplace of former prime minister Winston Churchill, for whom Trump has expressed admiration. The dinner is an official welcome.

The trumps will remain in UK for a total of four days: On Friday, however, y will leave London again. Then head of government may Trump will be received at ir country estate Chequers, n a visit to Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle is planned. From Friday evening to Sunday, Trumps will be in Scotland – presumably in ir luxury golf club Turnberry.

Baby Trump flies over London

The Londoners have been preparing for Trump visit for days, and several demonstrations are planned for Friday. Tens of thousands of participants are expected. The largest demonstration is expected to take place on Friday at London's Trafalgar Square. In morning a big balloon in shape of a Trump baby will fly over city centre, and London's mayor Sadiq Khan had approved this action.

Khan will also take part in rallies himself. He said demonstration was anything but anti-American. "Most who will demonstrate love US, as I do," he said. But to maintain a special relationship also means to say if "important values are in danger".

The human rights organization Amnesty International also brought a huge poster with a Trump portrait and slogan "Nightmare of Human rights" on a Thames bridge.

Date Of Update: 13 July 2018, 12:02

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