Great Britain: Jeremy Hunt becomes new British foreign minister

The successor to Boris Johnson is regulated: The British head of government Theresa May trusts Jeremy Hunt to the Foreign Ministry. He has been Minister of Health.

Great Britain: Jeremy Hunt becomes new British foreign minister

The former British health minister Jeremy Hunt becomes new foreign minister. This was shared by government in London in evening. Hunt follows Boris Johnson, who filed his resignation in dispute over Brexit policy of Prime Minister Theresa May.

BREXIT Minister David Davis had already filed his resignation on Monday night. For him, may also named a successor: Dominic Raab will be responsible for negotiations of EU exit in future. He previously served as secretary of State for Ministry of Public Affairs in British Government.

The resignations of several ministers force May to a larger reconstruction of ir cabinet: Matt Hancock, who has previously been responsible for culture, media, digital and sports, is moving to current hunts position. His post, in turn, takes over Jeremy Wright, so far attorney general.

Hunt is considered to be one of most loyal chiefs of department opposite May. In past, he had been committed to Britain's whereabouts in EU.

Johnson fears Britain will become a colony

Quite Anders Davis and Johnson, who had repeatedly criticized May in past for ir soft Brexitkurs towards EU. Even in evening, Johnson once again voiced a clear criticism of May. In his resignation letter, he accused head of Government of having surrendered to Brexitverhandlungen with EU. Their plan is path to a "semi-Brexit" in which Britain has status of a colony in EU. "The Brexit Dream dies, suffocated by unnecessary self-doubt," he wrote.

Last Friday, May had summoned her cabinet, at end of day, she announced an agreement on how Britain would proceed in EU's exit. But this course is not supported by proponents of a hard Brexit. Johnson wrote in his resignation letter that he congratulated May for having won support of Cabinet. The problem, however, is "that I have rehearsed text over weekend and he is stuck in my throat".

May stopped on Monday at bottom of box. Their goal of continuing to maintain close relations with EU is to protect jobs and be best for population. "It's right deal for Britain." According to Mays ' proposal, Britain should remain closely bound to European single market in goods and agricultural products even after EU exit. However, or three freedoms of internal market – capital, labour and services – should be limited. In this way, British want to stop unhindered entry of EU citizens and go ir own way in important service sector.

Updated Date: 10 July 2018, 12:02

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