Great Britain: too big to ignore

Theresa May has managed to disappoint Brexit opponents and supporters alike. What are the chances of a new referendum two years after the vote?

Great Britain: too big to ignore
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    Some EU supporters are in a surprisingly grim mood. "We know who is to blame when Brexit is in pants," a protester wrote on a sign. These include caricatures of leading Tories or ir impaled bloody heads.

    However, most people who move through London government quarter on Saturday afternoon are happier on it. With whistles, Vuvuzelas and hundreds of European flags, y gar at lunchtime at Pall Mall, just a few hundred metres from Ritz Hotel, where right-populist and Brexit-supporter Nigel Farage 2016 a victory party for exit vote.

    It is biggest demonstration to date in European Union. Estimates go from up to 100,000 participants. "I'm sure Brexit will be stopped," says Lynda Bond, who travelled from northwest of England in middle of 50. "Unlike today, we did not know exactly what we were voting on in referendum. Meanwhile, re are so many people who reject Brexit. " Two years after Brexit vote, EU supporters are more confident than ever.

    The exit negotiations are a debacle

    The reason is obvious: exit, as it has run so far, proves to be a debacle. This finding is followed by both Brexit opponents and his most ardent followers. "It's all a mess," complains conservative magazine The Spectator, which EU had compared two years ago with Habsburg Empire shortly before death. Telegraph columnist Simon Heffer talks about "Brexit fiasco" owed to fearful leadership style of Theresa Mays.

    The negotiations with Brussels give a sobering picture, in which British are constantly being pushed on defensive, making concessions and postponing important decisions. As it stands at moment, Britain will leave EU next spring, but still remain closely connected with European partners, with crucial difference that y no longer influence legislative process Can. In such situations, British speak of worst of both worlds, worst of world, which neir pro-Europeans nor Brexit followers can satisfy. Two thirds of population believe that Theresa May is screwing up negotiations.

    Accordingly, hopes of EU friends are rising, and y are doing everything to promote this change of mind. For a long time, attempts to stop or at least attenuate Brexit were limited to a collection of individual campaigns, organizations and parliamentary forays, mostly without success. Only in past few months have y joined a movement that is working towards a common goal: people's vote, a new referendum.

    Date Of Update: 24 June 2018, 12:02

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