Greece: Vote against Tsipras has failed

The Greek opposition was opposed to the agreement in the name dispute with Macedonia. But the majority of the deputies stood behind the prime minister.

Greece: Vote against Tsipras has failed

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has parliamenta censure. 153 The 280 AnwesendenAbgeordneten voted against request of Conservative opposition.

The aim of vote was to reach an agreement in name Streitmit Macedonia. On Tuesday, Tsipras and MazedonischeRegierungschef Zoran Zaev had agreed on EinenKompromiss in name dispute after more than 25 years. Thus, Mazedonienzukünftig Republic should be called Norrn Macedonia. In addition, Government in Skopje renounces any claims on GriechischeProvinz of Macedonia.

In return, Greek Regierungnicht wants to vote for a longer time against joining NATO SowieEU accession negotiations of renamed Macedonia.

The opposition is against agreement in name dispute. On Monday had put conservative opposition party NEA Dimokratiaden censure. In ir opinion, government keineMehrheit in Parliament to sign an agreement with DerRegierung in Skopje.

In parts of Bevölkerungstößt, agreement with Macedonia was also criticised. For Saturday evening Wareine demonstration in Ans announced.

After failure of vote, VonTsipras will be signed as a "historical" agreement by foreign ministers of both neighbouring states on Sunday in Dermazedonisch-Greek border region of Lake Prespa.

Date Of Update: 17 June 2018, 12:01

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