Guangzhou: USA Investigate unusual cases of diplomats

In China, US diplomats suffer from pain, the cause of which is unresolved. The cases are similar to those in Cuba, where there should have been acoustic attacks on the embassy.

Guangzhou: USA Investigate unusual cases of diplomats

In South China metropolis of Guangzhou, according to US State Department, several US diplomats are suffering from earaches, cause of which is unclear. As Ministry has shared, staff and ir families are examined by a team of doctors. Some people were also flown to United States for a "full examination of ir symptoms".

As New York Times reported, two diplomats fell ill after y perceived "strange noises." Such symptoms have been similar to those of US government employees and ir family members in Cuba and one in China.

In Cuban capital of Havana, since November 2016, more than 20 US diplomats have been reported to have been suffering from mysterious ears. Some of those affected had permanently lost ir hearing. Or symptoms were reported according to tinnitus, headaches, dizziness and sleep disorders.

In US media re was talk of targeted acoustic attacks on diplomats. The Cuban authorities, however, had not found any evidence that US diplomats could have been targets of such attacks.

US Foreign minister Mike Pompeo had already announced on Tuesday that re had been a special unit to investigate health problems. However, it is not yet clear wher re is same cause in all cases.

However, according to media reports, US authorities have been worrying about ir employees in China for months. It was only in May that US issued a health warning to diplomats because y felt "abnormal noise and pressure" on ir ears, as did ir colleagues in Cuba before.

Date Of Update: 07 June 2018, 12:02

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