Helsinki: And no one wants it to have been

Russian attacks on the US election – arguably the most sensitive issue at the summit of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. But they agree: this is not really important.

Helsinki: And no one wants it to have been

For Donald Trump, relations between United States and Russia were "never worse." As far as at least US president had correctly grasped situation before his meeting with Vladimir Putin, conflicts of Cold War also had a very different quality. Afterwards he let world know: "This will change now." To make it short: After this summit in Helsinki, it is no better for time being: The relationship has been shattered for good reasons – and neir of m wants to have been.

"Thanks to many years of American folly and stupidity and now because of rigged witch hunt!", Trump had tweeted to start. He meant investigation into Russian attacks on US election (his election), which, with twelve new accusations against Russian intelligence officers, just made clear how well-founded accusations are. However, Trump ignored questions in brief joint meeting with Putin and reporters from around world before Heads of State alone spoke to each or. Putin, mostly petrified, looked a little more friendly. The talks of summit made his mood rise even furr, as should be shown later.

In Helsinki, two presidents came toger who are basically United: Russia has tried to manipulate US election? That's what Trump like Putin likes to call fake news. Even though you know better, one is because he should take work of US intelligence services and investigators seriously and believe experts; The or, because according to same findings, origin of this attack lies in Kremlin.

But Trump remains undeterred in its line at joint press conference after summit. The intervention in election was discussed in detail, says US president re. Only to reproduce dry, Putin has again very clearly denied attacks. Who is re to believe? "I have confidence in both sides," Trump says. That can only mean he doesn't really care. What really interests him is once again only one thing: "We have led a brilliant election campaign, and that is why I am president." The serious accusations against Russia are not a conflict for Trump, which he really would have to carry out with Putin – he is all about shadow that y can throw at him. There she is again, witch hunt.

Critique of Putin is not an option for Trump

Putin is allowed to repeat his denials at end without contradiction: "Russia has never meddled and will never interfere-neir in internal American affairs nor in an electoral process"-Trump has nothing to oppose. The US president obviously does not want to question harmony of this summit, that everything else becomes a minor matter. Congressional elections will be held in November, and Americans will surely want to know what Trump intends to do against new attacks.

One concrete step might be to demand delivery of Russians now accused in United States. But Trump simply admits that Putin is playing clueless in front of press: The Twelve Secret Service people? He is not fully informed about situation, but he will look at it. Putin even offers to interrogate m in Russia and give Americans material. In se delicate circumstances, two presidents actually think seriously about working toger on issues of cybersecurity?

From beginning, it had been felt that this was about optics: Putin had landed in Helsinki almost an hour later than planned, n went through to Finnish presidential palace, while Trump was still staying at hotel. So first one had to wait for or, n or way round, but in end, Putin could sort of receive US president for conversation – as if he were host. Just like that, press conference was just a game, for Putin anyway, for Trump probably also.

The approaches to rapprochement in all pressing issues are now to be deepened in furr discussions at level of governments. The presidents did not necessarily betray a lot, but everything can change quickly. Groundbreaking was just not to be expected, expectations subdued, fears all greater. But even without concrete decisions or frivolous concessions, it became clear in Helsinki: Trump prefers to play show master for Putin than to take responsibility for Russia's aggressive foreign policy. In his words, it sounds like this: "I prefer to take a political risk for peace instead of risking peace for politics." For rest of world, unpredictability remains, if se two want to become even closer toger.

Date Of Update: 17 July 2018, 12:02

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