Horst Seehofer: enlightening instead of slaughtering

In the past, Horst Seehofer would have scolded the bamf as a Chaos authority. But as a minister of the interior he is a servant and must show that he can solve the problems of the authority.

Horst Seehofer: enlightening instead of slaughtering
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    Horst Seehofer could actually see himself confirmed. Before and in Bundestag election campaign, CSU chief of federal government annoyed with complaints about "rule of injustice" and "loss of control" in refugee question. And now that: in Bremen branch of Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), lawyers and authorities have apparently been tricking people over years to help refugees without a legal basis to stay right. In past, Seehofer would not have missed such a template: as a law-and-order man from Bavaria, he would have scolded chaos authority in red-green Bremen.

    But now Seehofer is no longer only CSU chief, but as federal Interior Minister also service Lord of bamf. That is why he is publicly remarkably restrained se days. He has to explain scandal and show that he can do better than his predecessor.

    With lump-sum criticism to raise one of his most important authorities against himself, he cannot afford to do so. On or hand, parts of his base at home in Bavaria are expected to be exactly that of Seehofer.

    Is committee of inquiry coming?

    Not an easy task, refore, for new minister, who has only been in office since March and who is invited to a special meeting of Internal Affairs Committee in Bundestag on Tuesday afternoon because of affair. For several hours he and acting head of bamf, Jutta Cordt, will answer questions of deputies.

    The affair for Seehofer cannot be really dangerous. Neir he nor present head of bamf were in office between 2013 and 2016, when at least 1,200 refugees were given ir residence permits in Bremen authority.

    But opposition has already tried to attack him and asked unpleasant questions: What did Seehofer know when about grievances in bamf? Would he have had to react sooner and more resolutely – for example boss firing? Did he praise bamf at his inaugural visit to exuberant in April, in view of internal accusations already known?

    At latest since November 2017, possible Bremen failures were subject at management level in bamf. In March, new head of Bremen branch had already tried to penetrate n-denominated minister Seehofer to report on scandal. But minister's environment initially blocked off. It took several weeks to publicise scandal.

    Meanwhile, bamf in Bremen may no longer meet asylum decisions, that's what Seehofer has determined. Probably also to show: I'm attacking. He wanted to change "whole asylum organization in Germany", says Seehofer now at ZDF.

    However, it is not interested in fact that Bremen case may expand into a republic-wide administrative disaster. A total of ten outposts are currently being investigated. Seehofer cannot use even more negative headlines before Landtag election in autumn in Bavaria. Especially since – a curious side Story – Josefa Schmid, former manager in Bremen, now fights for a direct mandate in Straubing for FDP. She used to be in CSU once.

    BAMF-Advertisement against BAMF-boss Cordt prosecutor General of Nuremberg is examining an advertisement against Jutta Cordt. Cordt may have known earlier about operations in Bremen branch office. © Photo: Bernd von Jutrczenka/DPA

    Date Of Update: 29 May 2018, 12:01

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