Horst Seehofer: Hofer criticizes Merkel's reference to policy competence

The Chancellor has made it clear in the asylum dispute that it determines the policy guidelines. Interior Minister Horst Seehofer calls that one 34; unusual step 34;.

Horst Seehofer: Hofer criticizes Merkel's reference to policy competence

In an asylum dispute with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) reiterated in evening: In an interview in Bavarian radio, Seehofer said that he continues to call for a "different migration policy" in Germany. He also criticized Chancellor directly. The fact that it is now waving its "policy competence" is an "unusual step". Especially when it comes to " issue of security and order," said Seehofer. He doubts wher policy competence can be applied to a coalition partner at all, said CSU politician.

Hours before, Seehofer and Merkel had agreed to postpone ir dispute for two weeks. As long as chancellor should have time to find a European solution to question.

Seehofer said in evening in BR that he had to keep his promise to population to restrict immigration. If he cannot enforce this as a minister of interior, "because chancellor is preventing me from doing so, it would be a credibility problem for Union as a whole," said CSU chief. His party would orwise be threatened with a loss of credibility which she would "not recover for years".

Previously, Union parties agreed that Merkel could negotiate European solutions for rejection of refugees at German border until EU summit at end of June. Merkel said, however, that even after that it was "a question of policy competence" for her as chancellor, wher registered refugees in or states would be rejected at German border.

After BR-TV, Seehofer said: "We are not concerned with government or coalition or even overthrow of Chancellor." Rar, it is about "a sensible solution that convinces people that we have immigration issue under control". From his point of view, this cannot be question at moment. He will "promote a political solution in this matter and not a policy solution," he added.

National single aisle for Seehofer furr conceivable

Article 65 of Basic Law states: "The Federal Chancellor determines guidelines of policy and bears responsibility for this." However, federal interior Minister Seehofer had threatened to face Chancellor's will in case of an asylum dispute. Also in BR interview, Seehofer said that if re was no European solution at end of June at EU summit, he would stick to his demand for a national single-handed approach. At beginning of July he will speak to Merkel and CDU again. That is n "a question of decency".

Meanwhile, Seehofer, however, wants to begin preparations for fact that from 1 July on, refugees who have already applied for asylum in anor EU state may be rejected. He is determined to arrange this if Merkel does not achieve "effective solutions" at EU summit.

Merkel said, however, that re should be no automatism for rejection from 1 July. After EU summit, she initially wanted to consult with CDU and n with CSU. In accordance with Seehofer, she said that re should already be a re-entry barrier for refugees who had already been returned to Italy or Greece.

Date Of Update: 19 June 2018, 12:02

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