ICAN: Majority of Germans for nuclear disarmament

Banning nuclear weapons: this statement is what most citizens agree on in a survey. A majority also pleads for a withdrawal of US nuclear weapons from Germany.

ICAN: Majority of Germans for nuclear disarmament

The majority of Germans, according to a survey, are for nuclear disarmament. 71 percent are in favour of federal government joining United Nations nuclear Weapons ban, a survey by Institute YouGov on behalf of International campaign to abolish nuclear weapons (ICAN). 13 percent opposed it. The federal government does not want to join ban – presumably because it fears conflict with its partners in NATO who own nuclear weapons.

Similarly, question arises as to wher US should withdraw its nuclear weapons from Rhineland-Palatinate Büchel. This is 70 percent, but only 16 percent are against it. In both questions, re is a clear majority among supporters of all parties. Men are more likely to talk about whereabouts of nuclear weapons than women.

In addition, 55 percent of Germans are opposed to equip German fighter planes with ability to transport and discard nuclear weapons, 26 percent are in favour. 72 percent are also opposed to banks investing in companies dealing with nuclear weapons. In May, Deutsche Bank had announced that it would no longer want to do business with nuclear weapons. According to ICAN, bank had invested several billion euros in manufacturers of nuclear warheads and nuclear missiles.

ICAN criticizes unclear schedule of federal government

For withdrawal of US nuclear weapons in Büchel, coalition agreement states: "Successful disarmament talks create precondition for a withdrawal of tactical nuclear weapons stationed in Germany and Europe." ICAN criticizes that government leaves time of talks about deduction open. "The figures show: with current nuclear weapons policy, federal government is against will of population," said Xan Hall, member of board of ICAN Deutschland. "If Germany is serious about nuclear disarmament, warheads must be removed from Büchel and federal government must join UN nuclear weapons ban."

On Saturday, United Nations decision to ban nuclear weapons will be anniversary. ICAN received Nobel Peace Prize for his commitment to nuclear disarmament. The countries with nuclear weapons, however, boycott decision of 122 countries.

Date Of Update: 06 July 2018, 12:02

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