Immigration law: Sahra wagon servant does not want foreign professionals

The group leader of the left has spoken out against the proposed immigration law. In an interview, she campaigned to strengthen the local education system.

Immigration law: Sahra wagon servant does not want foreign professionals

Left-Bundestag group leader Sahra wagon-keeper has spoken out against federal government's planned immigration law for skilled workers. "Germany has to train its specialists mselves," she said to Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntag newspaper. It is cynical to keep young people with a number clausus from studying and "n to bring qualified professionals from poor countries". The main reason for shortage of manpower is an underfunded education system.

Furr warned wagon-servants against low wages. Internationalism does not mean "middle-class recruitment from poor countries to operate wage dumping". The EU has already transformed itself into an instrument of pushing through eastward enlargement. The global migration also exacerbates problem.

The federal government wants to adopt immigration law for skilled workers after summer recess in cabinet. It is an integral part of coalition's agreement in asylum dispute. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had described project in July as "central project" of Grand coalition.

Collection movement to bring back AfD voters

Wagon-servant has been controversial within left because of her refugee policy positions for some time since she is in favour of limiting entry. At beginning of September, Bundestag group chief wants to officially introduce Left collection movement, which she initiated. According to movement, chariots will not establish a new party, but rar create basis for new leftist majorities in politics.

The FAS said wagon-servant, it is also a matter of bringing abgewanderte voters from AfD to left parties. Many chose AfD in protest: "These are not racists, but people who feel abandoned by politics," said politician. The "Get Up" initiative is subject to reservations by Greens and SPD, but re is also support. Within Left party re are fears that new movement could lead to a split.

Date Of Update: 12 August 2018, 12:00

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