International Criminal Court: USA threatens judges in The Hague with sanctions

US Security advisor John Bolton has called the International Criminal Court 34; illegitimate 34; If it were against US soldiers, the US would react.

International Criminal Court: USA threatens judges in The Hague with sanctions

The United States has threatened DemInternationalen criminal court with sanctions if investigations of alleged war crimes vonAmerikanern in Afghanistan were to be pursued. If court is against citizens of United States, Israel or or allied states, its government will impose entry bans and financial sanctions against judges and prosecutors, White House national security adviser, John Bolton, warned in a Speech in Washington. They could also be brought before a US court.

"The USAwerden will resort to every means to protect our citizens and unsererVerbündeten from unjust persecution of this illegitimenGericht," said Bolton. According to US security advisor, court could soon announce beginning of formal investigations into se accusations. According to his information, alleged mistreatment of detainees is, among or things.

USA do not recognize world law court

The chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda came to conclusion in a preliminary report in November 2016 that members of US Army and CIA Secret Service in Afghanistan may have committed war crimes. According to this, US soldiers were alleged to have tortured at least 61 people, especially in years 2003 and 2004.

In November 2017, Bensouda requested judicial approval of indictment. The chief prosecutor also wants to identify against Taliban and state Afghan security forces. Since 2006, indictment has been investigating reports of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Afghanistan. The United States does not recognize world Court of Justice, which is abbreviated to ICC in English. Bolton reiterated: "We will not support ICC. How will can't participate in ICC? We will let ICC die on its own. For us, ICC is already dead with all its goals undAbsichten. "

Date Of Update: 11 September 2018, 12:00

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