Iran: Hassan Ruhani accuses US p sychologische warfare

Offer of talks and penalties at the same time? Just before the entry into force of new punitive measures, Iran's head of state has called nonsensical action by US President Donald Trump.

Iran: Hassan Ruhani accuses US  p sychologische warfare

Shortly before entry into force of new US sanctions against Iran, Iranian President Hassan Ruhani accused government in Washington of psychological warfare. "They want to lead a psychological war against Iranian nation and divide people," said Ruhani on Iranian television. But country will manage this with solidarity and unity within political leadership and people. The combination of new US sanctions and simultaneous bargaining by US president Donald Trump called Ruhani nonsensical.

Despite sanctions, Iran wanted to stick to nuclear agreement, Ruhani announced. "Despite sanctions of world, we will show that we keep our word and abide by international treaties."

Trump had denounced nuclear agreement of West with Iran, which provides for lifting of sanctions in exchange for waiver of construction of nuclear weapons, despite strong criticism also from EU. He criticized that agreement was incapable of preventing construction of a nuclear bomb, and that government in Tehran was still providing money – "The worst deal ever".

Ruhani said Trump tried to get Iran to get out of Atomdeal from outset to bring government back to UN Security Council in Tehran. However, Iran and or five negotiating partners would have acted rationally, kept agreement alive, and neutralized this plan.

Dollar acquisition, oil imports, metals trading

In a first sanction round, United States wants to ensure that Iran does not acquire US dollars and can no longer trade gold and precious metals. Trade in certain raw materials is also to be prevented. In addition, import of Iranian food and carpets into United States is prohibited. Passenger planes and aircraft parts may no longer be delivered to Iran. 90 days later, sanctions will be reinstated to reduce oil imports from or countries from Iran to zero. At same time, international payment transactions with country are to be paralysed.

Experts such as Richard Nephew of New York's Columbia University expect that people of Iran will get sanctions hard to feel in terms of inflation and unemployment. Trump himself had tweeted on Saturday: "Iran and its economy is going very badly, and fast!" Observers believe that Trump hopes that displeasure in people will lead to pressure on consequences of sanctions on government in Tehran.

Ruhani said that Iran is absolutely satisfied with political reactions of Europeans as well as Russia and China. In practical field, however, re were problems with companies, who for various reasons wanted to limit ir activities in Iran because of sanctions. Iran will continue to seek solutions intensively with its partners.

Claim for compensation to USA for coup of 1953

Trump had recently said that he was ready for an unconditional meeting with Iranian leadership. However, his foreign minister, Mike Pompeo, was relativized shortly reafter. He called a series of conditions that Iranian side must meet before Trump agrees to a meeting with Ruhani. The government in Tehran must commit itself to fundamentally change its way of dealing with its own people and cease its "vicious behaviour" in Middle East. It also had to agree to conclude an agreement that would actually prevent development of nuclear weapons.

Ruhani said he did not reject Trump's offer of talks, but in his opinion negotiations should be result-oriented and based on sincerity. Trump has proved with withdrawal from various international treaties that this is not case with him. If that were to change, Iran would be ready to hold talks again, said Ruhani. In concrete terms, Ruhani referred to coup in Iran of 1953, which was n supported by CIA. He does not place any conditions for talks with United States if government is willing to pay compensation for time since 1953. "The US owes Iranian nation something for intervention in Iran," he said.

Date Of Update: 07 August 2018, 12:00

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