Iran: Riots in protests against water shortage

At 45 degrees, there were no drinking water in several cities in the south of Iran for days. The first peaceful protests ended in clashes with the police.

Iran: Riots in protests against water shortage

In sourn Iran, peaceful protests against a lack of water supply in some violent clashes with police have been handled. In port town of Khorramshahr, a demonstrator was seriously injured, reported official news agency Irna. Several police officers had suffered minor injuries by throwing projectiles.

Eyewitnesses reported dead after gunshots from police. Iran's interior Minister Abdulresa Rahmani Fasli confirmed that police used firearms. But no one died.

On Friday, in several cities in southwestern province of Chusestan, demonstrations had begun, which were initially peaceful, but n escalated mainly in Khorramshahr. According to Irna, about 500 mostly young people went to streets re on Saturday evening. The demonstrators had set trash cans and a bridge on fire and caused furr damage to property, Irna wrote. The police went with tear gas against m.

The state television showed pictures of stones and shards on sidewalks as well as of destroyed ATMs. On Sunday afternoon, television reported that peace in Khorramshahr was restored. Demonstrators were arrested, a number was not mentioned.

The reason for protests was water supply: several cities in Chusestan had no drinking water in past days at temperatures of more than 45 degrees Celsius. In Khorramshahr, people complained that only salty, murky water came from lines. The Iranian wear authority estimates that 97 percent of country is currently affected by ongoing drought. However, observers also blame authorities for lack of water in some places.

In Tehran, traders protested because of economic situation

The governor of Chusestan, Gholam-Resa Shariati, showed an understanding of dissatisfaction of citizens. "We apologize," he said according to news agency Isna. "We are in process of fixing problem and clearing out legitimate concerns of citizens." The problem with water supply is due to a burst pipe, which, however, will be repaired in next few days, governor is quoted.

In Iranian capital of Tehran, too, re had been protests last. On Monday and Tuesday of this week, numerous traders at Grand Bazaar had demonstrated against progressive devaluation of Iranian currency and government's foreign exchange policy. In social media, re were reports that young Iranians had slogans against Islamic regime under President Hassan Ruhani chanted.

Iranian vice-president Eschagh Dschahangiri said in a state televised speech: that after ir dismissal of nuclear agreement with Iran, United States had re-established its sanctions against country, was far from being only reason for Crisis. Rar, economy suffers from many evils, including Iran's dependence on oil, weak private sector, and instability of banking sector.

At beginning of year, re had been major government-critical protests in Iran that attracted international attention. Thousands of people were arrested during demonstrations, which were only directed against economic abuses and n against Iranian leadership.

Date Of Update: 02 July 2018, 12:02

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