Iraq: Prime Minister Al-Abadi and al-Sadr Close Alliance

Several weeks after the election in Iraq, the reigning head of government and the clergy want to enter into a coalition. But the further formation of the government becomes difficult.

Iraq: Prime Minister Al-Abadi and al-Sadr Close Alliance

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and nationalist Shiite preacher Moktada al-Sadr have entered into an alliance. After three hours of talks in city of Najaf, a joint declaration was published, in which y expressed ir will to form a rapid formation of government.

The most difficult question remains office of Prime Minister. Al-Abadi would like to keep office. However, his list was only third strongest force in parliamentary election on 12 May. The al-Sadr's Alliance March for reform has been strongest force in elections, but it relies on coalition partners to form a government.

Al-Sadr concluded an alliance with second-placed list of former Shiite militia leader Hadi al-Amiri after vote. He has close contacts with Shiite neighbour of Iran. Al-Abadi stated that new coalition was not in conflict with or coalitions.

Al-Sadr himself could not stand up to a new government because he personally did not compete in election. However, it could have a significant influence on filling of top item. Al-Sadr, who led a militia in uprising against American forces, had promised voters in event of Victory to form a technocratic government – away from religiously influenced alliances.

The formation of government in Iraq is overshadowed by accusations that re have been irregularities and counterfeits in election. Al-Abadi himself spoke of "dangerous violations." Iraq's Supreme Court had, this week, approved decision of still-acting old parliament that all votes must be counted.

Date Of Update: 24 June 2018, 12:02

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