Israel: Anti-Semitism wants to facilitate demonstration bans

Felix Klein has called for a stricter right to demonstrate. Rallies in which antisemitic utterances are foreseeable should be easier to ban.

Israel: Anti-Semitism wants to facilitate demonstration bans

According to anti-Semitism, German federal government, Felix Klein, was to be more rigorous in demonstrating right to demonstrate. "In future, I believe it should be easier to prohibit demonstrations where it is clear from outset that anti-Semitic content is being disseminated and that Israel's right to exist is questioned," Klein said. As examples of crimes, he called burning of Israeli flags, chant of Israel's hostile slogans, or showing of maps on which Israel does not exist.

The Bundestag had already called for a review of criminal and Assembly law in January in a resolution by Union, SPD, FDP and Greens. It states that it must be possible to act effectively against burning of Israeli flag and against anti-Semitic riots. Also AfD supported resolution, left contained.

Against backdrop of ministerial meeting this Wednesday, Klein also recommended that police should be systematically retrained in order to detect anti-Semitism. This is not always clear: "In particular, demarcation of permissible criticism of Israeli government's actions on anti-Semitic statements is often difficult," Klein said.

Date Of Update: 06 June 2018, 12:01

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