Israel's visit: Netanyahu sees in Orbán A True friend of Israel

Israel's prime minister finds anti-Semitism allegations against Hungary inappropriate. Victor Orbán recognized how he was the real enemy.

Israel's visit: Netanyahu sees in Orbán A   True friend of Israel

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has resisted accusations during his first visit to Israel against anti-Semitism. At beginning of his meeting with his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu, Hungarian head of State assured that re was "zero tolerance" for antisemitism in his country. "All Jewish citizens in Hungary are under protection of Government and we are proud of that," he said. Orbán is faced with accusation of burning anti-Semitic resentment in his country.

Israel's prime minister defended Hungarians against se accusations. He thanked Orbán for protecting Israel in international institutions. "We both understand that threat of radical Islam is real," Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu: Orbán, a true friend of Israel

Netanyahu and Orbán praised each or during press conference for ir respective positions. The Hungarian prime minister has used Israel again and again in international fora, said Netanyahu. He spoke with Orbán as a "true friend of Israel" about need to fight anti-Semitism. The Hungarian head of state described Israeli Prime minister as "a Jewish patriot". He also praised cooperation between ir countries.

Relations between DenPolitikern are considered good. The Israeli prime minister is seeking close relations with EU countries, which also support his country in contentious issues. This includes Hungary. Netanyahu had visited country a year ago, previously he had supported it over and over again – for which he was criticised both by members of Jewish community in Hungary and Israeli opposition.

Following decision by United States to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel and to move its message re, Hungarian Regierungbei had abstained from a vote of UN General Assembly. Most or states had condemned move. Toger with Czech Republic and Romania, Hungary had also blocked an EU resolution that criticized US decision.

Criticism of campaign against George Soros

Israel's opposition criticized visit of Hungarian Prime Minister. He had only last year praised right-wing authoritarian leader and Hitler ally Miklós Horthy and called him an "exceptional statesman". A campaign by Orbán's government against liberal US billionaire George Soros was also regarded as anti-Semitic. In a poster campaign, it was said that native Hungarian wanted to leave unfettered refugee in Eastern European country. Viktor Orbán even described Jewish Soros as "enemy of People". The head of state repeatedly stresses that Christianity defines Europe.

The nationalist course in Hungary is critically seen in Brussels. On Thursday, EU Commission sued Hungarian government for violating European law when dealing with asylum seekers. Orbán has been trying since 2015 to isolate Hungary against refugees, among or things, to build a fence at border. It was not until Wednesday that government in Budapest also announced that it would withdraw from UN migration pact.

During his visit to Israel, Orbán also wants to meet President Reuven Rivlin. He also announced a visit to Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial site. This is expected to be protested. On Friday, prime Minister will visit Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. He is not planning a meeting with leading representatives of Palestinians – unlike it is customary for leading EU politicians.

Date Of Update: 20 July 2018, 12:02

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