Istanbul: Triumph, tea and tears

In Istanbul, the followers and opponents of the re-elected president met on the evening of the vote. The one cheers, the others fight against resignation.

Istanbul: Triumph, tea and tears
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    In district of Tarlabaşı is shot several times in air. Motorcycle and car tires squeak. Teenagers get on roof of a parked truck and shout: "HDP! HDP! " Older women and men waving flags or clapping ir hands. The cheering crowd has just learned that prokurdish HDP has cracked parliamentary hurdle of ten percent. She will send 67 deputies to Ankara. It is to remain only success of Turkish opposition in this one-night stay.

    It's Sunday night, just after ten o'clock. The state news agency Anadolu reports that Recep Tayyip Erdoğan won Turkish presidential election with 52 percent. His most important challenger, secular Muharrem ince of opposition party CHP, who had put on a furious election campaign, should refore only come to 30 percent. But you do not want to believe that in opposition, not with CHP and not at HDP. There is too much distrust in news agency, which in past repeatedly noticed that Erdoğan had high values at a very early stage in elections. The opposition's hope that it could really win this time was too great.

    "How can that be?"

    On stairs in front of HDP headquarters in Tarlabaşı sits a woman whose voice is quite hoarse from cheering. Yes, she is delighted with entry of HDP into Parliament, but that Erdoğan should have made it in first round: that makes her stunned. "I watched his challenger, Muharrem Ince, see how he mobilized millions of people in Istanbul alone," she says. Many surveys had only shown Erdoğan at 40 percent. "So how can that be?"

    Turkey Electoral Commission declares Erdoğan to be winner more than half of voters voted for presidential election for incumbent Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. That was shared by Electoral Commission. Erdoğan had announced his victory before end of count. © PHOTO: Reuters/Kayhan Ozer

    A few meters furr, in stairwell of party headquarters, stands one whose job it was long to find answers to such questions. Ahmet Şık, most famous journalist of country. Şık has a glass of tea in one and a cigarette in or hand, people who walk past him greet him as one of irs.

    A few months ago, a court against Şık and or journalists of government-critical newspaper Cumhuriyet imposed perennial prison sentences. Until a judgment in appeal proceedings, Şık remains free, but he is not allowed to leave Turkey. A few weeks ago, however, Şık quit his employer to run for HDP. "Journalism is my passion. But I can no longer reach people in a press that is equal to 90 percent. So I try it as a politician, "he says.

    References to electoral counterfeits

    So, Mr. Şık, how could Erdoğan have won? "Under normal conditions, i.e. under free elections, Erdoğan could never win," says 48-year-old. In social media, videos are being published to show that voting votes in favor of president have been made illegal. However, this information cannot be verified.

    Şık is a force of a man. When he was given chance to defend himself before his release at beginning of year, he attacked judiciary, president and his party AKP. From Şık, accused was Şık, accuser. "The government works like mafia," he said n as now. That is what so many people know, so this choice is so special. "They have had enough of reprisals – no matter how this is going on today," he said. Then he expresses his cigarette and disappears in a room for employees. On door stickers stands "crisis staff".

    Date Of Update: 25 June 2018, 12:02

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