Italy: Against all established

Italy's new government is as hostile to Europe as any before in the postwar period. How did it get that far? And how could the EU react?

Italy: Against all established
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    Italienhat is a government that is so hostile to EU, as no ItalienischeRegierung ever was in post-war period. Matteo Salvini, chief DerLega, is a professed fan of Russia's President Vladimir Putin. and Luigi di Maios M5S Sitztim European Parliament with Nigel Farage in one faction, DemArchitekten des Brexit. Now two are governed by Italy, einGründungsmitglied EU. And now?

    The complaints about developments obscure an obvious question: what if Italians show denEuropäern way to future? It would not be first time: On Mussolini, Hitler followed, on Berlusconifolgte Trump. It gibtalso good reason to take Italy seriously.

    Populismusund Xenophobia, se are two terms that now fall into regularity when we talk about Di Maio and Salvini. But se terms obscure more than y explain. They give keineAntwort to question: how could it ever come so far? Undwas is now doing? Over at least three reasons for ascent Salvinis and Di Maios must be spoken.

    Privatized politics

    There's once complete failure of Italian politischenKaste. 1992 all political parties had been devoured by a gewaltigenKorruptionsaffäre. This was a catastrophe – it was a chance to start again. But it was not used.

    Fastdreißig years later, political caste is corrupt down to dieKnochen, with a difference to earlier, however: at that time StahlenPolitiker for party, today y steal for mselves. DiePolitik has privatized. The Res publica has sichaufgelöst. To corruption comes self-cherishing, Zynismusund incompetence of this caste. The abhorrence of this has driven millions of voters to M5S.

    The Fairytale of Welcome culture

    Italienhat a problem with migration, like many or countries European Union also. First of all, this has little mitXenophobie to do. Many people in very short Zeitvon outside Europe come to a country that has been affected by ten Jahrenvon of a deep economic crisis. Who in difficulties years said that Italy was receptive warals or European countries, closed ir eyes to DemAufstieg of Lega. The Italian welcome culture was a fairytale that only made a small part of reality.

    Defringe part: Italy's borders are not as easy to seal as Denmark or Austria. Italy is amMittelmeer. The geographical situation determined its migration policy – although we should not really talk about politics, because will and power to design migration were lacking. Italy would have needed more support from EU in all this, but it did not. Neir from Germany nor from Austria and you did not come from European Emmanuel Macron GeführtenFrankreich. The Italians felt abandoned. This is a as regards of why Lega reached 17 percent in elections on March 4 – and is now in polls at 25 percent. An EU that cannot control its borders is not überlebensfähigsein. This is one of Italian teachings.

    Date Of Update: 27 May 2018, 12:47

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