Italy: You want another State

Lega Nord and five-Star Movement rushing against President Sergio Mattarella. The strategy behind it is dangerous for Italy-and it seems to be in the wind.

Italy: You want another State
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    Sergio Mattarella was not first: Sandro Pertini has done it 1979, Oscar Luigi Scalfaro 1994, Carlo D'Azeglio Ciampi 2010 and Giorgio Napolitano 2014. All of m, as Italian presidents, rejected a ministerial candidate for a future government. That is ir legal right. The respective coalition parties have always accepted decision of presidents without great grumbling. They presented new candidates, president agreed. The government was done. But this time it happened differently.

    Italy's current incumbent Mattarella has rejected a wishing candidate of coalition parties in PEs on Sunday evening. And now re is a huge outcry at Lega and M5S, five-Star Movement. They pretend to have Mattarella a coup d'état. This quiet, slightly leftist-looking 76-year-old, a diabolical putsch!

    How do you get that?

    There is an electoral tactic and a strategic response to that.

    The Coalition program of M5S and Lega is a wild mix of obskurantistischer capitalism critique, State dirigiste economic policy, welfare state promises, neoliberal measures and a tough law-and-order policy. The two parties have put a (very expensive) creature into world, to which no long life expectancy could be attested. All of ir phrases, such as "Government of change", cannot conceal this.

    The language of revolutionary

    This government would not have come far for or reasons. Luigi di Maio and Matteo Salvini are sharp competitors. According to surveys, Salvinis Lega is imposing enormously, while Di Maios M5S weakens. Salvini hopes to win a considerable vote in a reelection. However, Di Maios M5S has learned in past that it can be worthwhile to incite electorate against President of State.

    That's exactly what M5S did in year 2011. The n president, Giorgio Napolitano, had pushed Silvio Berlusconi to resign due to impending insolvency of Italy and given government mandate to former EU commissioner, Mario Monti. Monti implemented an iron austerity program. M5S described this process several times as a coup d'état. In nationwide elections, in February 2013, M5S reached 25 percent of vote. A rich harvest. Why shouldn't y be able to retract now?

    Up to here, this can be seen as a fairly normal behavior of parties to maximise votes. Unsympatic perhaps, sometimes destabilizing, but part of usual political business. It becomes worrying when one turns to strategic response.

    M5S and Lega are facing wild threats to president of State. They do so in name of people and in name of democracy. The Lega has instructed all its mayors to remove image of president from offices. Di Maio wants to initiate a decomposition procedure for treason against president. Both parties are calling for demonstrations. Di Maio called on all Italians to hang Italian flag from windows as a sign of protest.

    This is behavior and language of revolutionaries. They don't want a compromise. President Mattarella had offered him several times. You rejected him. The two parties want a different republic. You probably don't know how exactly y should look.

    Date Of Update: 30 May 2018, 12:01

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