James Mattis: US minister wants to loosen some Russia sanctions

States that buy arms from Russia could be spared sanctions, proposes defense Minister Mattis. The irritation of US intelligence services is growing.

James Mattis: US minister wants to loosen some Russia sanctions

US Secretary of Defense James Mattishat is in favour of easing Russia's sanctions against countries that buy Russian armaments. Due to reasonable exceptions, "states could build closer ties with US on defence issues while depending on ir dependence on Russian Militärausrüstungverringern," said Mattis.

While Russia must bear consequences for its "aggressive unddestabilisierendes behaviour," US secretary of State should have moderate to lift sanctions, demanded mattis. The key question was wher US wanted to strengn strategic partners "or leave m with no choice but to turn to Russia."

The U.S. Congress had passed 2017 a law to Zubestrafen Russia for its role in Ukraine conflict and a meddling in U.S. electoral campaign. The economic sanctions contained rein are addressed to auchgegen organisations and States which conclude arms contracts with Russian companies. U.S. President Donald Trump had only widerwilligerlassen law.

Because of a possible burden of relations with US allies in Asiensind, se sanctions are controversial. India is largest arms importer expedite and an important customer of Russian arms companies. Although county is also increasingly buying weapons from French and US companies, it still relies on Russian supplies; Lastly, re was an equipment with Russian S-400 air defence systems in room.

The foreign ministry did not directly comment on thrust of DesVerteidigungsministers and said: "The US is working with UnserenPartnern, including India, to help m identify and avoid sanktionsgefährdeteAktivitäten."

Did Putin suggest a referendum?

In a anderenKonfliktfeld of international politics, eastern Ukraine, US administration on Friday less conciliatory: The Defense Ministry BilligteHilfsgelder in amount of 200 million dollars (170 million euro) for DieUkraine. They are to be used for fight against unterstütztenSeparatisten of Russia in eastern Ukraine.

The Russian ambassador to United States, Anatoly Antonov, said that DerKonflikt was besprochenworden in eastern Ukraine at meeting of Trump with Russia's President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. "Concrete Vorschlägewurden made to solve this problem," said Antonov. The Russian ambassador stressed that re had been no collusion; Dierussische side, however, had "made several very serious proposals". Antonov did not comment on a media report that Putin had proposed a referendum on future of eastern Ukraine.

Citing a meeting of Putin with Russian diplomats, news agency Bloomberg reported that Trump had asked Putin not to way a referendum in order to give him time to examine it. DasAußenministerium in Washington said a rejection of such a vote in east Ukraine: "A ' referendum ' would have no legitimacy."

Trump's problem with secret services

With its course against Russia, Trump has caused great concern in US security apparatus. National security circles pursued a radically different policy than Trump, New York Times reported. The gap between position of Präsidentenund of a policy to rein Russia was never greater and a serious risk, paper wrote, citing acting and frühereRegierungsmitarbeiter.

Trump wants Denrussischen President Vladimir Putin to receive a second summit in Washington this fall. Secret Service Coordinator Dan Coats, who had not been informed about this before, announced that he would give Trump an honest assessment of great risks of Putin's invitation to White House.

Trump's acting on more important policy fields has also surprised top advisors, Schriebdas Wall Street Journal. The Washington Post reported citing dozens of government employees over a turbulent week at White House Undwachsende worry about Trump's dealings with Russian leadership.

Trump had klarstellenoder to deny multiple statements to DemGipfeltreffen with Putin on Monday in Helsinki. The crux of matter is accusation that he was not opposed to Putin resolutely enough and that he defended his own Geheimdienstenicht.

Lavrov wants freedom for alleged agent

RusslandsAußenminister Sergei Lavrov called for release of a Russian woman imprisoned in United States Wegenunerlaubter agent activity. The accusations against DieFrau were fabricated, Lavrov said to his ministry at a call with his US colleague Mike Pompeo.

The US judicial authorities accuse 29-year-old Maria Butina of trying to infiltrate organizations that have an influence on American politics from 2015 to at least February 2017unter instruction from a Moscow government representative.

Date Of Update: 22 July 2018, 12:02

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