Jeff Sessions: US justice minister rejects Donald Trump's criticism

Donald Trump accused Justice Minister Jeff Sessions of not having his authority under control. He contradicted and emphasized his independence.

Jeff Sessions: US justice minister rejects Donald Trump's criticism

US Justice Minister Jeff Sessions has resisted criticism from President Donald Trump. Trump had accused sessions in an interview of not having his ministry under control. Sessions contradicted and emphasized independence of his house. He had taken control of Ministry from day one and was very successful in enforcing Trump's agenda, says 71-year-old.

Sessions seems to imply in statement that he will not bow to political pressure. "As long as I am a justice minister, actions of Ministry of Justice will not be inappropriately influenced by political considerations," said sessions. "I demand highest standards, and where y are not met, I take action."

Trump has often been dissatisfied with sessions in public. The background is that minister is holding out from Russia investigation. As chief prosecutor, he is in charge of FBI and would actually be responsible for investigation of special investigator Robert Mueller.

Mueller investigates wher re were 2016 collusion between Moscow and Trump's campaign camp in alleged Russian influence attempts on presidential election. Several advisers trumps had in election campaign and also after election contact with representatives of Russia, including sessions. He met with n Russian ambassador in Washington, Sergei Kisljak.

In a hearing in front of Senate, sessions negated his entanglements, though he said under oath. That's why he's holding out of Russia investigation, unlike Trump wants to. Earlier this month, president urged Minister of Justice in a message on Twitter to end investigation.

Date Of Update: 24 August 2018, 12:00

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