Katja Tipping: Left-boss Will get up give a chance

Katja Tipping will stay away from the collection movement of Sahra wagon servant. But in the fight against 34; Austrian relations 34; could be made common cause.

Katja Tipping: Left-boss Will   get up   give a chance

The left-boss Katja tipping has dissociated herself from DerSammlungsbewegung "stand Up", but at same time expressed her hope for ir support for red-red-green majorities in parliaments. Tipping said in ARD broadcast report from Berlin that she did not want to become a member of "Stand up" because she already has einepolitische homeland – that is left. Their Bundestag group leader in BundestagSahra wagon-keeper wants to introduce movement on Tuesday in Berlin.

Tipping said, she seigespannt, "wher and how" Dare Beteiligenwerde initiative to prepare a change of government and politics. It will be decisive that we create progressive majorities Linksvon union and AfD. Then I look forward to every initiative ". Tipping said, y welcome it, "If Oskar Lafontaine and Sahra wagon-servant Join this goal now and we n toger in a strand Ziehenkönnen".

Migrants do not make scapegoats

Without calling two party friends, tipping warned against Kampffür of social security and that of freedom rights against each or. Wagon-servant had complained that left did not reach certain milieus anymore, Undsich against unlimited migration to German labour market. She also warned of a "boundless welcome culture". Kippingsagte, on or hand, migrants should not be made scapegoats: "You have to be realistic about question of migration and immigration, but this in a solid, constructive way."

The left-chair spoke to "FortschrittlichenKräften" in Germany a great task – namely to prevent a weiterenRechtsruck, a "Government of division" and "ÖsterreichischeVerhältnisse". It is "quite open that this country will also go way of Austria, Derin black-blue, that is, a coalition of very right with Konservativenmündet. That would be devastating for this country. "

Against coalitions with CDU in east

Tipping spoke clearly against eineKoalition of left with CDU in Saxony after Landtag election 2019, Minister-President of Schleswig-Holstein, Daniel Günr (CDU), in game Gebrachthatte: "I myself come from Saxony and refore I say TiefsterÜberzeugung and also from years of experience: The CDU Saxony stands Fürsoziale cold. It stands for downsizing and a devastating Verharmlosungder danger from right. This CDU is unelected and not with our Stimmenins office. "

Kippingwar was re-elected as left-boss in June with 64.5 percent. DerParteitag was overshadowed by dispute over refugee policy, which was immaterial between opponents and supporters of Bundestag group leader Wagenknechtgeführt. The intra-party power struggle has been going on for a long time; in particular, tipping and wagon-servant are considered enemies.

Date Of Update: 03 September 2018, 12:00

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