Labour market: Thousands of employees of the federal government are temporary

The federal government is failing to achieve its own goals: according to the Coalition treaty, unconditional time limits are to be limited, but in ministries the share is high.

Labour market: Thousands of employees of the federal government are temporary

The Bundesregierungbeschäftigt, according to ir own data, currently has about 7,900 employees with BefristetenArbeitsverträgen, without mentioning a specific reason for Befristungzu. In order for Nutzedie government to be controversial instrument of unconditional limitation of more than half of all its time limits, Rhenish Postreport, citing answer of Bundesregierungauf, reports a question from FDP MEP Otto Fricke. In Federal Ministry of Interior alone, at end of January 4,541 of 5,595 temporary employees had einesachgrundlose time limit.

According to Coalition Treaty of Union and SPD, in companies with more than 75Beschäftigten, only 2.5 percent of employees can be employed for a limited period without a reason. In case of federal government, however, proportion is much higher, as answer to FDP question shows. The containment of undergroßenable time limit was a matter of controversy in coalition negotiations. The SPD had initially called for complete abolition, but had n agreed with Union on compromise of ceiling.

The number of fixed-term contracts has increased significantly in difficulties 20 years. A total of about 4, 8Millionen employees are hired for a limited period – i.e. every achteBeschäftigte. However, re are also 1.3 million apprentices whose contracts are always temporary.

The term of an employment contract without a "factual reason" is currently permissible for a a period of two years. Within this period, a fixed-term employment contract may be extended at most three times. be set only in Tarifverträgenkönnen exceptions.

If re are "factual reasons", a time limit is permissible. Such reasons include, among or things, a time limit in connection with training or study, substitution regulations or a vorübergehenderbetrieblicher need.

Date Of Update: 04 June 2018, 12:02

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