Light rain gives hope to a province in Argentina that has been devastated by fire.

The wildfires that have been ravaging northern Argentina over several weeks moved relentlessly Sunday, despite the light rains that started over the weekend giving some hope to firefighters.

Light rain gives hope to a province in Argentina that has been devastated by fire.

The most severely affected region is Corrientes province. Officials said that at least eight fires were still burning and that at least 9% had been destroyed. According to the most recent official reports, the flames are burning approximately 30,000 hectares (89,000 acres per day) in Corrientes. This has resulted in nearly 800,000 hectares being destroyed.

Since mid-January, strong winds, low humidity, and dryness due to drought have all helped spread the fires. Forecasters predicted that the light rains expected to continue through the week, as they were forecasted to fall on Sunday.

A lot of rain is typical for the mainly rural province of farms and ranches, which has forests and farms.

Jorge Ayala, a resident, stated that "it never happened to us", and that they have never experienced anything like it.

Experts say that the province may need to rebuild over many years.

All corners of Argentina have seen firefighting units arrive, as well as from Brazil and Bolivia.

Artists and other public figures are urging people to donate basic goods and money to help the victims.

Laura Nunez, a volunteer fighting the fires, stated that people are bringing water, fruit, and ice. She said, "They bring it in trailers. They are getting everything so we can concentrate on the fire and help."

The firefighters were cheered by the light rain.

Estefania Riveiro, another volunteer, said, "It's an amazing blessing from God, and I think God took pity upon us." She is carrying buckets full of water to "help animals."


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