Live updates: Portugal reduces COVID's isolation time

LISBON (Portugal) -- The mandatory isolation period for COVID-19-infected people is being reduced by the Portuguese health authorities from 10 to 7 days, provided they do not show any symptoms.

Live updates: Portugal reduces COVID's isolation time

Similar moves have been made by other countries, including the United States and Spain. They are concerned about the effects of quarantines on their workforce.

In a statement, the General Directorate of Health (or DGS) stated that close contacts of positive patients will require continued quarantining for a maximum of seven days.

According to Diario de Noticias, the mandatory isolation period has been reduced to five days by the Madeira archipelago, which is located in the Atlantic Ocean.

Portugal has been experiencing an increase in infections. Despite having one of highest vaccination rates worldwide, the country has seen an increase in the number of coronavirus-related deaths. 87% of the nation's 10,000,000 residents have received at least two doses.

The DGS reported Thursday a record 28,659 new infections, 16 deaths and 16 cases of COVID-19 patients. Even though there are fewer intensive care units, hospitalizations are still lower than during previous infections.

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