Martin Schulz: D He could finally be in Europe and

Ex-Chancellor candidate Martin Schulz warns of a failure of the EU summit. He also sees opportunities for an agreement between the CDU and CSU in the refugee dispute.

Martin Schulz:  D He could finally be in Europe and
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    The former SPD chancellor candidate Martin Schulz is a staunch European. From 1994 to 2017, he was a member of European Parliament, last five years of European Parliament. What does he think about dispute over a European solution to refugee crisis and rejection at German border? On a visit to time online, he has betrayed it.

    Online Time: Mr Schulz, would you call Angela Merkel a convinced European?

    Martin Schulz: In principle, Angela Merkel is a very proeuropean politician. But I always had feeling that she sees Europe more pragmatic and lacks deep emotionality for idea of Europe, which, for example, influenced Helmut Kohl.

    Online Time: At EU summit, Merkel is trying to solve refugee crisis European and without national solos this Thursday. She even puts her chancellor at risk.

    Schulz: I think Angela Merkel has understood German role. Former chancellor Helmut Schmidt once said: Germany does not fail its fate. We are geographical centre of European Union. And we are also admired for our financial and political power as much as feared.

    Online Time: What does this role mean for Germany?

    Schulz: We can help everyone get better if we want to. We can help to keep south and north, west and east toger. The enlightened governments in Europe are increasingly being encircled by authoritarian and nationalist-thinking regimes. If Merkel loses her fight now, n Trumpism could finally come into being in Europe. Merkel also understood that.

    Online Time: The refugee crisis in Germany was finally no furr aggravated. But how could situation escalate?

    Schulz: Last summer I flew to Sicily to talk about refugee situation – n as Chancellor candidate of SPD. I have warned that if we do not help Italians, in Rome people will win election, which will no longer talk about refugee policy – but about demolition of European Union. At that time, Echo was: The Schulz probably does nothing better. It would have been possible to conclude readmission agreements with n Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni and to address a reform of eurozone. Then nothing happened for a year – and now populists are ruling. Sometimes it's bitter if you're right.

    Online Time: You know Angela Merkel and her interior minister Horst Seehofer. Is this government coalition failing in dispute between two?

    Schulz: I don't think so. The two have long since begun to build bridges with each or. Seehofer says that one agrees in goal, re is talk of "Destiny Community" union, and orwise more moderate sounds can be heard again.

    Online Time: Where does this approach come from?

    Schulz: I hope CSU has understood that it is playing with fire. Angela Merkel will come back from EU summit with results that allow for withdrawal agreements with some countries. Horst Seehofer could make some rejection possible.

    Online Time: Merkel is currently striving for bilateral agreements. Is this a European way at all?

    Schulz: These are auxiliary constructions on way to a European solution. But by this time, that's okay.

    Date Of Update: 28 June 2018, 12:01

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