Matteo Salvini: A procedure is just right for him

The investigation against Italy's Interior Minister Matteo Salvini will not harm his popularity. But the coalition partner five stars bring them into a dilemma.

Matteo Salvini: A procedure is just right for him
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    Now is a case for judiciary, Italy's interior minister and vice Prime Minister Matteo Salvini. At weekend it was announced that Italian prosecutor has initiated an investigation against him for his behaviour in case of naval ship Diciotti. But denChef right-wing populist Norrn League does not seem to be disturbing. "A Prostauf those who are investigating, on those who insult or want us evil," he tweeted sarcastically. With a photo showing him in beer glass.

    "I do not give up, I guarantee you," he wrote furr. And in general, procedure is a merit order for him. In fact, Salvini is well re, in past months he became only more popular after every provocative action. His league has now reached 30 percent in polls, and in spring elections re were 17.

    One who is well acquainted with with prosecutors and lawsuits was n immediately shown solidarity: Silvio Berlusconi. "Once again, judiciary is intervening in a purely political matter, to which it should never interfere," former prime Minister shared.

    Italy's judiciary is independent and powerful

    Salvini also called for a reform of judiciary at weekend. The response of National Judges ' Association came immediately, Salvinis interference was a "unstatthafterVersuch to influence investigation". No or actor can take place of judges and dictate dieWege that judiciary has to take. "Also not a member DerRegierung."

    This is how Sichtatsächlich behaves in Italy. Its judiciary is completely independent of government. AuchBerlusconi, who mocked and scolded prosecutors, could not influence DieErmittlungen. There are keineWeisungsbefugnis of executive to prosecutors, Minister of Justice must not have careers of judges and Staatsanwälteentscheiden, supreme Richterratentscheidet alone on allocation of posts and ir promotion. And in DiesemObersten magistracy, in addition to a minority of members who are allowed to Parlamentbestimmen, a clear majority, elected by judges and prosecutors, has to say so. The judiciary manages itself.

    The conflict between politics and justice has long been

    Over last few decades, justice and politics have come toger. In 1992, corruption investigations of Milan prosecutor's office plunged old governing parties, Democrazia Cristiana Giulio Andreottis and Socialists Bettino Craxis. 1994 n began permanent dispute between Berlusconi and prosecutors. He had to be responsible, among or things, for corruption, falsification of accounts, tax fraud and prostitution of minors, in total in more than 30 cases.

    The fact that in end politicians almost always got away unscad is due to anor peculiarity of Italian legal system: in Italy, unlike in most or states, limitation period is not suspended at beginning of a procedure. Thus deeds at end of processes were simply barred.

    In case of Salvinis, this could be different, as prosecutor quickly reacted. And accusations that Salvini now has to put toger with his head of cabinet have it in mselves. Deprivation of liberty, illegal arrest UndAmtsmissbrauch prosecutor Luigi Patronaggio from SizilianischenAgrigent accuses Minister of Interior. This is no small thing, alone for DieFreiheitsberaubung threaten him up to eight years imprisonment.

    Date Of Update: 29 August 2018, 12:00

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