Mediterranean: Rescuers show Libyan coast Guard

A boat with a survivor and two died in the Mediterranean has arrived in Mallorca. They should have been left behind by the Libyan coast Guard.

Mediterranean: Rescuers show Libyan coast Guard

A rescue ship with a migrant and two corpses on board arrived in Mallorca. After four days of driving it reached port of Palma on Saturday, founder of Spanish non-governmental organization Proactiva Open arms, Òscar camps, shared on Twitter.

Italy's right-hand government had previously also assigned NGO a port in Sicily to land. Rome, however, only wanted to take care of survivors, but not dead, of escaping Mediterranean. Proactiva n controlled Spain. The group stated that "protection" of survivors was ensured and that y could make statements freely.

The immigrant from Cameroon, who had been rescued from Libyan coast, was first investigated on ship by medical and psychological reasons. Afterwards, Red Cross brought woman named Josefa to a hospital in Palma, it was said. They suffer from hypormia and dehydration.

Proactiva is convinced that Libyan coast Guard left three refugees after a rescue in sea, because y had refused to be returned to Libya. The United Nations estimates that people in crowded reception centres in Civil war country are under threat of torture and rape.

Proactiva speaks of an "inhumane barbarism": The private rescuers discovered survivors and two corpses – a woman and a child – on Tuesday amid wrecked remains of ir plastic boat.

Action for lack of assistance

A complaint was filed with Spanish judiciary against Libyan coast Guard and also against captain of a cargo ship for failed assistance and for negligent killing, said spokesman of relief organization.

Spanish basketball star Marc Gasol, who had taken part in rescue campaign, said that three migrants had been left behind in an "impossible situation". The Libyan coast Guard acted "inhumane and criminal".

In Spain, a furr 549 refugees arrived on Friday and Saturday. These migrants were rescued from a total of 30 boats from distress in Alborán Sea and in Strait of Gibraltar in Western Mediterranean, and shared country's naval rescue forces.

"Rescued, cared for, immediately traced"

Italy also saved 57 Tunisians in Mediterranean during night of Friday. The Italian Ministry of Interior ordered that all migrants be sent back to ir home country immediately. Already on Monday some of adult men should be brought back with a charter flight to Tunis, German press agency learned. According to Ministry of Interior, none of Tunisians initially asked for asylum in Italy – why, remained unclear.

According to Italian media reports, migrants were rescued not far from island of Pantelleria, which lies between Tunisia and Italy. They were n brought to Trapani in Sicily.

Interior Minister Matteo Salvini tweeted on Saturday: "Rescued, cared for, immediately traced back. Following words did. " The Vice-Regierungschef is also in favour of returning migrants rescued from distress to Libya.

Date Of Update: 22 July 2018, 12:02

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