MEPs: Right-wing populists in the EU parliament have most often side jobs

Members of the anti-European faction earn more than 100,000 euros on average by the year. One of the best earners is a CSU member.

MEPs: Right-wing populists in the EU parliament have most often side jobs

Almost one in three MEPs refers to additional income, in europafeindlichenFraktion Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) it is even more than half of parliamentarians. The reported mirror from a study by Transparency International EU. On average, ENF members earn at least 103,429 euros per person and year to join ir deputies diet.

Presumably, it is much more because MEPs do not have to specify ir ancillary earnings exactly, but in stages, approximately 500 to 1,000 euros per month. Transparency International uses lower limit of steps for its calculations. The organization has evaluated ancillary merits of all 751 MEPs. The basis for this was dieNebenjobs, which members mselves register with parliament.

As a result, up to 30 parliamentarians with ir second job even more than Ihremeigentlichen members ' mandate if one proceeds from upper limit of levels. In total, incidental income amounts to up to ZU41 million in current legislature. The monthly salary of MEPs, so-called diet, Liegtderzeit at 8,484 euros, also comes with lump sums and allowances such as daily allowance.

One of best earners among German MPs is Angelika Niebler. The Chefinder CSU deputies receive up to 5,000 euros a month as a member of a Munich law firm. Burkhard Courtship, a CDU-man from Lower Saxony, who changes to board of Bundesbank at beginning of September, takes on supervisory board and advisory posts. Anor top earner is Hans-Olaf Henkel, ex-president of Bundesverbandesder German industry.

In Bundestag, every fourth Member of Parliament draws additional income which he or she must report. This is case from 1,000 euro per month or 10,000 euro per year.

Date Of Update: 07 July 2018, 12:02

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