Michael Cohen: Trumps ex-attorney reports on guilt confession ready

Michael Cohen, former private attorney of US president Donald Trump, has agreed with authorities on an agreement. Apparently he is willing to plead guilty.

Michael Cohen: Trumps ex-attorney reports on guilt confession ready

Derehemalige Private solicitor of US President Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, has apparently agreed to an acknowledgement of guilt. This was reported by New York Times and CNN, among ors, from informed circles. In this case, it is a question of possible tax and bank fraud in connection with taxi companies owned by Cohen. On or hand, it is about illegal campaign financing: Cohen is supposed to have paid money to women who claimed to have had an affair with Trump.

Cohen met EineAbmachung with Manhattan prosecutor's office, which Jedochnoch no furr details about, US media reported. It is believed that DieVereinbarung is a so-called "Plea deal" that brings a Beschuldigteneine milder punishment if he confesses his guilt and cooperates with prosecution authority.

According to New York Times, Cohen's agreement with Prosecutor does not imply that he works with investigators. The CNN broadcaster reported that agreement was a prison and a fine.

Cohen was considered a trumps "fixer"

Cohen had worked alsAnwalt for Trump for years and until a few weeks ago. He was considered very loyal to Trump and as his "fixer", someone who creates problems for his client from world. In past few weeks, however, he indicated in Ininterviews that he dissociated himself from his former boss. Prior to WenigenMonaten, Cohen had conceded a 130,000 dollar payment in DieWege to keep pornographic actress stormy Daniels silent about ihreAffäre with Trump.

Zudemwurde a recording of a conversation between him and Trump publicly, DasCohen apparently had taken secretly. Cohen and Trump are talking about a silence for ex-playmate Karen McDougal shortly before presidential election of 2016. She also claims to have had an affair with Trump.

Date Of Update: 22 August 2018, 12:00

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