Michael Kretschmer: D em We must face with all strength

After the xenophobic riots in Chemnitz, Saxony's prime minister asked questions from citizens. 900 people demonstrated against Kretschmer.

Michael Kretschmer:  D em We must face with all strength

Saxony's prime minister, Michael Kretschmer, has called on Chemnitzers to draw a clear border with right-wing extremists. At same time, CDU politician announced that he would brace himself against a lump-sum condemnation of all citizens as followers of right slogans. Kretschmer had come to Chemnitz with several members of his cabinet to speak with residents in premises of stadium of city on xenophobic riots on Sunday and Monday. In front of Assembly building, about 900 people protested loudly against Kretschmer. They had followed call of right "citizen movement per Chemnitz".

Kretschmer began his speech in front of about 500 people in rooms of stadium with call for a minute's silence: "We recall a Chemnitz citizen – Daniel – to whom today his family, relatives, friends mourn." The German had been attacked on Sunday night and later succumbed to his injuries. The prosecution suspects a Syrian and an Iraqi, stabbed man and injured two or Germans seriously. One of suspects has several criminal convictions, including personal injury. It is all done for this crime to be enlightened and atoned, said Kretschmer.

After fact, re had been riots that triggered outrage nationwide and also prompted UN Commissioner for Human Rights to admonish words. Foreign-looking people were threatened and Hitler salute was shown.

"We have nothing to do with m"

The mood at rallies led to some "totally out of band", said Kretschmer. "We must all face this with each or, with all our strength." If in a demonstration Hitler greeting is shown, "n it is time to say with whom we have nothing to do. We're looking for anor place. " The CDU politician was also opposed to attributing to all chemnitzers right-wing extremist attacks. He has met many people who feel unjustly treated, he said about previous conversations with citizens. "I know that. This is not case, and we will also take this impression with power. "

Booing harvested Kretschmer when he praised commitment of band's club against right-wing extremists in Chemnitz. Power Club has organized a concert to be held on next Monday against right-hand violence. Mayor Barbara Ludwig was booed for her call for moderation and peaceful coexistence.

No incidents in protests

The protest rally of right-wing populist movement per Chemnitz ended in evening without any incidents. About 900 people had come to Randedes civil dialogue according to official information on demonstration. The mood among demonstrators was heated, but not threatening as in protests last Monday. The protesters criticized a lax approach to criminal migrants from ir point of view and criticised policy of Saxon provincial government. In addition, participants sang national anm.

Police forces from or federal states as well as federal police were on Thursday after police on Sunday and Monday in a clear outnumber of several thousand demonstrators having difficulty getting riots under control. Chemnitz. New protests have already been announced. The AfD has called for a rally on Saturday.

Dresden judicial officer admits disclosure of arrest warrant

The Prime Minister evidently announced in knowledge of investigative successes a swift clarification of illegal publication of a warrant. The document published by right-wing groups on Internet concerns one of two migrants who are suspected of having stabbed Germans. A judicial officer admitted that he had photographed warrant and passed it on. According to Ministry of Justice, he was suspended from service. The incident had shaken confidence in authorities and nourished suspicion that re were sympathy for riots. Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, just like or politicians, criticized publication of arrest warrant as unacceptable.

With his statements, Kretschmer, among ors, AfD from head of company, whose chairman Jörg Meun sees in critique of proceedings above all a "maßloses Saxony-bashing" and considers migrants a danger. In Saxony, where 2019 is elected a new Landtag, AfD is second strongest party in polls. The co-chairman Alexander Gaula had expressed an understanding on Wednesday of freaking demonstrators.

In or cities re were demonstrations against right-hand violence in evening. In Münster, Action Alliance of Münster had called for protest march against right hatred after riots in Chemnitz. According to police information about 2,000 people took part. According to media reports, organizers had expected significantly fewer participants. But while march was moving through Münster city centre, numerous people would have spontaneously joined, reporting Westphalian news. Even in Berlin, far more people came to a demonstration against violence and xenophobia than expected. According to police, about 5,000 people came toger, so a private person had registered only 100 participants.

Date Of Update: 31 August 2018, 12:00

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