Michael Müller: He cannot inspire the Berlin SPD

Michael Müller has been re-elected as chairman of the Berlin SPD. But the result of the vote was poor. The biggest applause was for the Juso boss.

Michael Müller: He cannot inspire the Berlin SPD
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    The SPD National Party congress did not pass by harsh realities in Berlin. Right at beginning, a few squatters jumped on podium, which had crept into basement of Andel's hotel in Lichtenberg, where comrades met on Saturday. "To drop criminal applications", was on poster. "Away with Berlin line," cried uninvited guests. The ruling mayor and SPD head of state Michael Müller had to wait a while before he could hold his opening speech.

    On this day Müller wanted to be re-elected as chairman of Berlin Party. He had heard in advance, he called in Hall, "Today I shall get a note of thought." He's just wondering if that's what party needs now. The SPD top man even threatened comrades a bit: he likes to be regional chairman of Berlin Social Democrats, "but I don't have to be." In end, he stayed re anyway. Especially since no opposing candidate was in sight.

    However, election result for Müller fell far short of 81.7 percent that Berlin head of government had received two years ago. The comrades took ir party chief at word and gave him a corresponding note with 64.9 percent. His attempt to join entire party in a dedicated opening speech for Senate policy and catastrophic poll values did not come well for many party friends. In hallways, in front of Congress Hall, many delegates scolded Müller. After announcement of narrow election result for Berlin party chief, re was little applause for Müller, who accepted election.

    He had previously assured that nothing would be nice to talk about. In his speech, however, Müller immediately added: "We have achieved so much for people of Berlin in last 30 years!" He did not want to apologize all time and run through area with his head pulled in, because this and that went wrong, Müller said. He also did not want to hear from his own party what is not functioning in city.

    "You too are Government"

    The SPD head of state explicitly took his Berlin party into responsibility. "We are all toger SPD, and you too are government." Müller believes that intra-party criticism in form of fire letters and online calls is superfluous. "We don't need that." Instead, he called on state SPD to not counter positions of Social Democrat Senate members for video surveillance of dangerous places, law of neutrality, and house appointments.

    Müller also criticized federal party. He was concerned that this parliamentary term would continue in same way as in past. The SPD is diligent and makes good proposals, but is not recognizable again in grand coalition. The SPD head of state again attacked policy of federal finance minister, Olaf Scholz. There must be more investment, black Zero being a fetish. The federal party would also have to bear it if country of Berlin brought in federal Council initiatives to rent policies that went beyond black-Red Coalition treaty.

    Date Of Update: 03 June 2018, 12:02

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