Middle East conflict: Israeli air force bombs Gaza Strip

After gunfire of militant Palestinians at the border, Israel's army reacts with fighter jets. At least five people should have been killed.

Middle East conflict: Israeli air force bombs Gaza Strip

At least five people have been killed in military conflicts in Gaza Strip. The Ministry of Health in Gaza said that four Palestinians were among victims. According to Hamas, three of m are members of your organization. The identity of fourth Palestinian victim was not known at first. The Israeli army shared that an Israeli soldier had been shot by a "terrorist group" at border. It is first time that an Israeli has been killed in violent protests in Gaza that have continued since March.

Militant Palestinians, according to media reports, had fired rockets and mortar grenades on Israeli territory. The Israeli army shared that it had been shot on Israeli soldiers. A short time later, Israel's army of fighter jets bombarded numerous targets in Gaza Strip. Residents along Gaza Strip were called to stop near shelters. There was talk of a "large-scale attack by Israeli fighter jets against Hamas military targets throughout Gaza Strip." The shots at border as well as "Hamas-guided hostile activities of past months" proved that radical Islamic organization wanted to bring about an escalation of violence, it was said in a communication. It will "bear consequences" for it. Israel's military is in a heightened alert. Local media wrote that it was "worst incident since 2014 Gaza war."

UN envoy warns against "abyss"

The UN Middle East envoy Nickolaj Mladenov, who had recently worked hard to calm situation toger with Egypt, tweeted: "All in Gaza must go a step back from abyss. Not next week. Not tomorrow. Right now! " Those who want to provoke "Palestinians and Israelis to wage anor war must not succeed."

Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, advised military leadership on next Friday evening at an emergency meeting in Tel Aviv. Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman had previously said that Hamas is urging Israel to become a "broad and painful military offensive".

Since end of March, in some violent protests, according to Ministry of Health in Gaza, 147 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli soldiers and thousands have been injured. It was only on Saturday that Israel had taken Gaza Strip under heaviest bombardment since war with Hamas 2014. It responded to launch of dozens of missiles from Gaza to Israel. Egyptian mediators moved Hamas on Sunday to a ceasefire that initially held. On Friday, however, Hamas leader Khalil al-Hajja announced furr violent action. He said: "The protests will remain, burning and existing, and ir tools will multiply and diversify, including dragons, until our goals are achieved".

The Palestinians are calling for an end to Gaza blockade, which had been imposed more than ten years ago, and a right of return to Israeli territory. They refer to exodus and expulsion of hundreds of thousands of people in wake of Israeli state Formation 1948. In conflict, a total of 2,250 Palestinians were killed or died as a result of ir injuries, and re were 74 deaths on Israeli side.

Date Of Update: 21 July 2018, 12:02

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