Migration: Arguing to the abyss

The Italians, the Austrians, the Bavarians – who is harder against migrants? Nationalism is breaking out in the EU countries. There are ways to compromise.

Migration: Arguing to the abyss
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    Who among Europeans is more humane? And who is harder? The Spaniards, Italians, French, Germans, Austrians, Corsicans, Catalans, Bayern...? The list could be continued.

    There are many who are currently participating in this competition who are trumping mselves in ir humane gestures that ors want to demonstrate hardness. This competition arose as a result of Italian Government's refusal to allow furr ships with migrants and refugees on board in ports. For many years ships landed in Italy, while or European countries promised Italians redistribution of refugees, money and aid.

    These promises were more poorly respected than right. There were complaints from Rome, but Italian ports were still open. The Europeans had become accustomed to it. They repressed problem.

    The new Italian government has now radically terminated practice of open ports. And re is already a great deal of confusion in EU. Many national politicians in EU react in a panic, uncoordinated and completely self-centered manner.

    A rapid renationalisation of Europe

    Example one: The Spanish government opened Port of Valencia for a ship with 629 people aboard. This was an act of humanity and a political signal. But certainly decision was also based on domestic policy. The Social Democrat Pedro Sanchez, who has just come to power, wanted to increase his popularity with this gesture.

    Example two: The Corsican nationalists also offered ir ports. They wanted to wipe out one of unloved French presidents, as well as a domestic political goal.

    Example three: The Catalan regional president, separatist quim Torra, also offered an open port for mooring. The Catalans also wanted to prove ir humanity, luckily. But y also drove domestic political motives. The Catalan regional president would like to forget, through his generous humanitarian gesture, that in past he has repeatedly expressed himself in public with a racist attitude towards Spaniards.

    The CSU, on or hand, is active in anor part of this competition. She is trying to increase term "I am harder!". Because she has a look at Landtag elections in autumn and because she feels that a majority of Germans, after debates about bamf and murder of Susanna F., is a hard line in asylum policy. It's going to be a perk. Everyone pursues ir interests, everyone sharpens ir political profile at expense of political adversary. The topic of migration is used by all as a vehicle.

    Date Of Update: 15 June 2018, 12:01

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