Migration: US authorities want more time for family reunification

The Trump government can often not bring the children on the border back to their parents in time. The chaos at the authorities makes DNA testing necessary.

Migration: US authorities want more time for family reunification

Dieu's government has asked court to extend deadlines for Zusammenführungvon immigrant families. In application published on Friday, Ministry of Health is working tirelessly to bring minors in detention centres toger again with IhrenEltern. However, despite DNA tests applied, deadlines could not be met in some cases.

The Forum California San Diego had set Fristendafür in a decision on June 26, when families separated from authorities after border crossing must be reunited. Children under age of five Müssendemnach be back with ir parents until next Tuesday, rest until Zum26. July.

According to government, more than 2,300 minors were from Familientrennungenbetroffen. After a outcry by public outrage, Donald Trump ließPräsident to stop rigorous practice on June 20 – The children are now to be taken in custody toger with ir parents.

PrivateHelfer, however, accuse government of having no Planfür union of families. This is because police and customs authority Ice is responsible for parents and Ministry of Health for DieKinder. These two authorities, however, work separately from each or and Habenkein system to allocate children and parents to each or. To date, according to authorities, only about 500 of affected children were returned to ir parents.

DNA testing is not enough in many cases

GesundheitsministerAlex Azar shared on Thursday that DNA tests would be used to facilitate dieFamilienzusammenführungen. In court's application, however, it was said that genetic testing did not always suffice, in some cases additional examination of documents was necessary. Also, DieFamilienzusammenführungen are sometimes difficult if parents had already been released from DerHaft. In part, parents were also deported back to countries of origin.

DasJustizministerium suggested that court not set new deadlines, but rar that government itself designates period it needs for Union of all families. The authorities are "ready" to prepare a corresponding recommendation.

Date Of Update: 07 July 2018, 12:02

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