Moldova: UN General Assembly calls for Russia to withdraw from Transnistria

In the decades-old Transnistria conflict, the UN has called for the withdrawal of Russian troops from the breakaway region. Russia in particular criticises the demand.

Moldova: UN General Assembly calls for Russia to withdraw from Transnistria

DieGeneralversammlung of United Nations has called for withdrawal of Russian troops from Moldovan SeparatistenregionTransnistrien. For decision, 64 countries voted, 15 were opposed and 83 countries abstained. The UN declaration is not binding and calls on Russia for an "orderly, unconditional and immediate withdrawal of its troops and weapons" from region.

The EhemaligeSowjetrepublik Moldova had become independent after dissolution of Soviet Union in 1991. However, Russian dominated areas in east of country Sagtensich in a short war of Moldova and called out a "RepublikTransnistrien". The units stationiertenrussischen since Soviet times supported autonomy and were not deducted. However, proclaimed Republic is not recognised internationally by most countries.

The representative of EUbei UN spoke after adoption of resolution of a "historical day" for Moldovans. "After more als26 years, General Assembly recognizes that RussischePräsenz is illegal and must end," he said. Russia criticized resolution: vice-un-BotschafterDmitri Polyanski referred to ongoing Vermittlungsbemühungender OSCE in Transnistrian conflict. The Initiative DerUN-General Assembly pity efforts of OSCE, WarntePoljanski.

The declaration of UN of Great Britain, Canada, Poland was unplanned or countries. Supporters include Moldova, DieUkraine, Georgia and EU countries. The opposing votes came from Russia, Iran, Syria and North Korea, among ors.

Date Of Update: 23 June 2018, 12:02

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