Munich: Tens of thousands demonstrate against the CSU's asylum policy

Under the motto ausgehetzt, more than 20,000 people went to the streets in Munich. The organizers threw the CSU A 34; irresponsible politics of division 34;

Munich: Tens of thousands demonstrate against the CSU's asylum policy

Tens of thousands of people have demonstrated in Munich against a right-back in politics and society. Under motto "ausgehetzt – Toger against politics of fear!" They turned above all against CSU's refugee policy. According to a police spokesman more than 20,000 people came to final rally in king's Square. "It was all very peaceful," said spokesman. The organizers gave number of participants about 50,000. One was "insanely satisfied," said a spokesman.

In ir demonstration call, organizers accused party chairman Horst Seehofer, Bavaria's prime minister Markus Söder and CSU regional group leader Alexander Dobrindt in particular of a "irresponsible policy of division". The CSU group in Munich City Council had previously tried to prevent event. On night of Sunday she made posters in Munich city centre with lettering: "Yes to political decency – no to ausgehetzt – Bavaria cannot be incited".

A new Landtag will be elected in Bavaria in October. After union's asylum dispute, CSU only reached 38 percent in current "Bayern trend" of Bavarian Television, a historic depression. In trend barometer produced by Opinion Research Institut Forsa for RTL and N-TV, 1,006 respondents assessed work of CSU in government with school grade deficient (4.7). The CDU received a 3.9, SPD a 3.7.

Söder and Aigner remind of Unity

In meantime, leading CSU politicians once again defended party's restrictive stance on asylum policy. Federal Minister of Transportation Andreas Scheuer said that many citizens help with integration, but many are also overwhelmed. "Those entitled to protection receive all our attention and our humanity and integration performance," said Scheuer. However, if someone does not have a right of protection or has become offended as an asylum seeker, consequences should be drawn.

Regional group chief Dobrindt said: "I think it is right that endangered and violent criminals are brought back to ir home countries." It is "an expression of rule of law" when State protects its citizens from criminals. Looking at deportation of Sami a. To Tunisia, Dobrindt said: "I am not criticizing that Sami a. was deported. On contrary, I criticize that he was allowed to stay for so long. " The suspected bodyguard of former al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden had been deported on 13 July. The administrative Court of Gelsenkirchen had reprimanded action as "grossly unlawful" and asked to retrieve Sami a. In contrast, city of Bochum defends itself.

Prime Minister Söder and Bavaria's transport minister Ilse Aigner called for Unity at a party congress of Upper Bavarian CSU in Irschenberg. Debt allocations and quarrels would have to end, demanded Aigner. Söder tried to differentiate himself from AfD: "We are center," he said, indirectly responding to Union of Middle initiative, founded by CSU politician Stephan Bloch, which supports liberal course of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU).

Federal Minister of Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier (CDU) said in German radio that refugee policy is an important issue, "Neverless, debate we have had in recent weeks has been superfluous as a goiter." However, it led to fact that all participants felt now that one could "not win a flower pot anywhere", says Altmaier.

Date Of Update: 23 July 2018, 12:02

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