My country talks: Gregor Gysi should become chancellor. – Super idea!

Ulrike Grebe chooses the AfD. Ricardo Borchardt wants to help refugees. Both met in Weimar for political strife – and suddenly discovered what connects them.

My country talks:   Gregor Gysi should become chancellor.   –   Super idea!
  • Page 1 — "Gregor Gysi should become chancellor." – "Super idea!"
  • Page 2 — "The GDR has left me"
  • Page 3 — you suddenly agree on many issues
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    Toger with national and international media partners, time Online is currently developing my country talks – a platform for communicating one-to-one conversations between politically different-minded citizens around world. In Weimar on Saturday "Weimar speaks" took place, first test of software in Germany. Our author has accompanied two participants. Previously we tested platform in Bologna.

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    When two strangers talk to each or, most amazing things can happen. For example, last Saturday in Weimar, in Italian restaurant Versilia on women's plan, with coffee and wheat beer.

    It has been an hour since Ulrike Grebe said that it must now finally be concluded with refugees. Horst Seehofer is right if he wants to disprove her at border. "I am absolutely in favour of that." Most migrants, says Grebe, come only because of German social system. They now choose AfD.

    It is an hour ago that you, Ricardo Borchardt, retorted: "And you mean that refugees are getting into boats for social transfers and are risking ir lives in Mediterranean?" The rule of law states that anyone who asks for asylum should get a clean procedure. "These are all people like us!"

    Now, after this hour of talking about all sorts of things, politics, but also about tennis and free-of-charge inner cities, it is again about Seehofer and government crisis in Berlin. "Angela Merkel has to leave," says Ulrike Grebe, founding mantra of AfD.  "Right!" calls Ricardo Borchardt suddenly. "I've never been able to bear this woman."

    Ulrike Grebe hardly has time to be irritated, because both of m are debating who should become Chancellor instead. "Gregor Gysi!" says Grebe. "Super idea!" calls Borchardt. "It's a cool guy."

    Different you couldn't be

    Borchardt and Grebe have met on net, in action "Weimar Speaks". The Thuringian general and local radio Lotte had called for this. The idea: Two people, who disagree on important issues, are brought toger by an algorithm. Then you can meet, talk, argue, argue.

    Ulrike Grebe and Ricardo Borchardt had completed a questionnaire on Thuringian General Web site. Are you in favour of a strict upper limit for refugees? Grebe replied with Yes, Borchardt with No. Should federal government seek more for Putin? Grebe: Yes. Borchardt: No. Does Weimar need a stronger police presence? Grebe: Yes: Borchardt: No. Should Weimar set up more free zones: Grebe: Yes. Borchardt: No. Only in question of wher marriage was right for everyone did both respond equally with Yes.

    After that, y left ir names, age, occupation, interests. Ricardo Borchardt, born in Weimar, described himself as a "product designer, artist, fantastic, beautiful spirit" who spends his evening with "thought and art". His distinctive signs: "Affirmation of life" and "openness to world". Ulrike Grebe gave as a profession "nurse" and as leisure activities "house, garden, family, sport". Orwise, it is "nothing extraordinary".

    Before day of meeting, a cool-Vernieselten Saturday afternoon, both had never seen each or. And probably it would have remained without "Weimar speaks" also. Grebe and Borchardt, at least on outside, belong to two milieus that barely touch each or.

    Borchardt, artist, has striped a light blue jacket over white shirt. The side crest if it bounces over tanned complexion. His antique Mercedes, which was built in his birth year 1971, he parked around corner. He lives with his new partner in Weimar, his son lives with his mor in Erfurt.

    Date Of Update: 25 June 2018, 12:02

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