NATO: USA to check troop withdrawal from Germany

Since the end of the Second World War, US soldiers have been stationed in Germany. Currently it is 35,000. According to a media report, US President Trump wants to pull you off.

NATO: USA to check troop withdrawal from Germany

According to a Washington Post report, US Department of Defense is examining a withdrawal of U.S. soldiers stationed in Germany and thus largest contingent outside United States. As newspaper writes, citing an internal study by Pentagon, 35,000 soldiers could eir return to United States for most part or be moved to Poland in part or in full.

According to report, proposal is to go back to US president Donald Trump, who should have made him at a meeting with military advisers and White House representatives.

As Washington Post writes, European allies have been alarmed and are trying to clarify wher Trump is serious or threat is merely a negotiating tactic in run-up to NATO summit in July.

It was said from US Department of Defense that deployment of US troops abroad was regularly reviewed and subjected to a "cost-benefit" bill. The United States remains committed to Germany and NATO, leaving Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon and denied a concrete deduction plan.

Meanwhile, US president renewed his criticism of European NATO allies. Especially Germany would pay too little for NATO and would have to "spend more money", he told journalists aboard DerPräsidentenmaschine on his way from Washington to Seinemprivaten Golf Club in New Jersey. The same applies to France Spain. "It is not fair what y gemachthaben with United States," he reiterated earlier accusations that a number of NATO countries actually do not comply with a 2014 agreement to increase defence spending to two percent of gross domestic product – Including Federal Republic of Germany.

Date Of Update: 30 June 2018, 12:01

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