Nicaragua: EU calls for end of violence

In the case of clashes in Nicaragua, according to human rights, more than 270 people have now been killed. The EU is calling for dialogue.

Nicaragua: EU calls for end of violence

The EU has shown concern about escalation of protests in Nicaragua. "All violence must stop now," says Federica Mogherini, a communication from EU's external representative. In night to Sunday, five people had been killed in clashes between civilians and government-oriented paramilitary forces. In total, according to government, 50 people have been killed. Human rights activists, however, speak of more than 270 deaths and more than 2,000 injured.

In communication, EU called for a peaceful and democratic solution to situation. The attacks on students and civilians are unfortunate, as are delayed provision of medical assistance. Human rights organisations are also calling for corridors to be able to save injured.

Attack on university buildings

Also on Saturday, two people were killed and dozens were injured in attacks by government forces. According to reports of government-critical daily La Prensa, government-oriented paramilitaries opened fire to National Autonomous University in Managua, in which opposition students had entrenched. More than 200 people had occupied a part of university campus to demand a reform of student organization Unión Nacional de Estudiantes de Nicaragua (fences). The student organization is political arm of governing party.

The riots in Nicaragua had begun in middle of April: At that time, police rallied violently against proposed social reforms. The plans included, among or things, pension cuts. Since n, protests have spread throughout country. Meanwhile, demonstrators demand resignation of President Daniel Ortega, an end to violence and freedom of press.

President Ortega makes opposition responsible for violence. He rejects early elections, as demanded by his opponents. The Vice president and wife of president, Rosario Murillo, said at beginning of July that Government would continue to "work hard to prevent a coup attempt by an antipatriotic minority."

Date Of Update: 16 July 2018, 12:02

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