Nicaragua: Several deaths in Nicaragua's riots

The agreement on a renunciation of violence has not been held for long. In Nicaragua, at least eight other people died in protests against the government.

Nicaragua: Several deaths in Nicaragua's riots

In Nicaragua, eight people died after unification of a resurgence of violence. In capital city of Managua, according to president of Land Workers ' Union, Michael Healy, six people died in a fire, including two children. Two more people died in a shootout. Local media reported that police were shooting at demonstrators who had guarded road blockades.

The Government and civil rights activists had agreed on an end to violence on Friday after two months of unrest. Representatives of civil rights groups welcomed agreement. However, if government does not abide by terms of agreement, peaceful protests would resume.

President Daniel Ortega had triggered protests in April with his surprising announcement to cut pension benefits. He quickly took off from his plans, but violent action against demonstrators led to a nationwide protest wave. According to Nicaraguan Human Rights Centre, 170 people were killed and hundreds injured in riots between pro-government forces and demonstrators within eight weeks.

The agreement reached on Friday with mediation of Catholic Church provides for an international task force to be brought into country to investigate deaths during protests. Provisional roadblocks, which have led to massive traffic and trade restrictions, are to be gradually dismantled. The talks continued on Saturday, ors are scheduled to follow on Monday. On basis of a proposal from church, aim is to set up a reelection and implement political reforms. Ortega's current third term in a row ends regular 2021.

Date Of Update: 17 June 2018, 12:02

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