North Korea: Something past reality

North Korea does not set its nuclear program, it says in a UN report. But US president Donald Trump is out of this – which prevents important negotiations.

North Korea: Something past reality
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    Mike Pompeo is foreign Minister of United States and is said to implement what his superior has to do with guidelines. One of se guidelines is that his boss Donald Trump says that North Korea's dictator Kim Jong-un has announced complete denuclearization of his country at Singapore Summit. So if Pompeo meets representatives of North Korea, he should negotiate with m under this premise and move isolated state to task of nuclear program. For example, at ASEAN security conference this weekend in Singapore. There was also a handshake with North Korean Außenminisier Ri Yong Ho: The US delegation gave a letter from her president for Kim Jong Un, as Pompeo himself confirmed on Twitter.

    I had chance to speak with my DPRK counterpart FM Ri Yong Ho @asean today. We had a quick, polite exchange. Our US delegation also had opportunity to deliver @Potus reply to chairman Kim's letter.

    — Secretary Pompeo (@SecPompeo) August 4, 2018

    But Pompeo, not only because he was once head of CIA intelligence agency, is aware that in North Korea, unilateral denuclearisation is not even to be expected so quickly – if that ever happens. This is a frightening truth, because Kim regime is a dictatorship that despises human rights and which, with its medium-and long-range missiles, threatens not only US. Only last week, at a hearing before US Senate, Pompeo had said that North Korea continues to produce nuclear material. As chief diplomat, however, he called ongoing talks with Pyongyang "productive", re was "progress".

    In doing so, North Korea has not discontinued its nuclear and missile programme, according to a United Nations report. A six-month review of independent experts came to conclusion. The regime has thus violated UN's punitive measures. The Security Council had increasingly tightened sanctions against North Korea since 2006 because of missile and nuclear weapons tests. The United States also adheres to its punitive measures after Trump-Kim summit in Singapore. On Friday, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced penalties for two North Korean officials, a company in country, a group in China, and a Russian bank.

    The real problem remains unresolved

    That is reality, because in Singapore at its summit meeting with Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un did not at all announce complete unilateral denuclearization of his country, as Trump hawked and media often put it in an imprecise manner. In Singapore, it was generally said that United States and North Korea professed a complete denuclearization of Korean peninsula. The US secretary of state's tightrope walk is currently to represent fundamental contradiction between what Trump says and what is really negotiable.

    This, in turn, has a lot to do with November congressional elections, where Republicans have to fear losing ir majority. If majority of Congress goes to Democrats, Trump will have a hard reign, and he will be able to expect even more pressure because of Russia's contacts with his campaign team. It is refore important for US President to be able to sell his North Korea policy as a successful disarmament program for US voters.

    But real problem – weapons of mass destruction in hands of a dictator – remains unresolved. North Korea will not want to do without a minimum of missiles and nuclear warheads. From Kim regime's point of view, a case like that of Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi will be a lesson alone. He had renounced his nuclear program in 2003 after long negotiations with United States and Britain – and was toppled and killed in 2011 by rebels who had support from NATO. So re are reasons why we need to get used to nuclear North Korea for first time.

    Updated Date: 05 August 2018, 12:00

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