North Korea: Trump wants to meet Kim now

The US president has withdrawn his rejection of the summit with the North Korean ruler. Now both meet in Singapore.

North Korea: Trump wants to meet Kim now

The summit between US president Donald Trump and North Korea's head of state Kim Jong Un is now scheduled to take place in Singapore as originally planned on June 12, as Trump announced in Washington.

He had canceled meeting last week because of "open hostility" of North Korea, but continued to signal interest. The background was different ideas on military issues and disarmament. The US hopes to be able to persuade North Korea to dismantle its nuclear program completely and verifiably – and as quickly as possible.

The North Korean ruler n let North Korean state news agency KCNA inform him that he is still committed to denuclearisation and hope that this goal can be achieved in several steps and in interests of all sides. He expressed his "firm will" for meeting and aroused hopes for a historic turnaround in relationship between two states. On Friday, Kim Yong Chol – often described as right hand of North Korean ruler – visited White House, and he and Trump spoke to each or for an hour. Prior to his visit, Kim Yong Chol had been confers with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in New York for two days to prepare for Singapore summit. Kim Yong Chol handed president a letter from Kim Jong Un on his visit. Trump initially said it was a "very nice" and "very interesting" writing. Later he said that he had not yet opened letter.

Denuclearisation as a subject of controversy

The dispute over Denuclearisation is complicated, because US and North Korea understand different things – which complicates negotiations on nuclear disarmament in general and Summit in particular. So North Korea does not want to unilaterally abandon its nuclear weapons. It is also debatable wher, for example, non-nuclear warheads will also be removed from nuclear installations such as uranium enrichment or US should withdraw its armed forces from South Korea and abandon its capabilities to a nuclear counter-attack.

The US president tried to dampen expectations for Singapore meeting. There it will go to mutual acquaintance, he said. According to his words, an agreement on dismantling of North Korean nuclear arsenal is not yet expected. Rar, denuclearisation should be initiated. He assumes, however, that this process will ultimately be "very successful". Trump described current state of relationship between two states as "good" as it did for a long time, unlike last week.

The last time a senior representative of North Korea visited White House was 2000. At that time, Democratic President Bill Clinton and his secretary of State Madeleine Albright received North Korean vice-Marshal Jo Myong Rok.

Date Of Update: 02 June 2018, 12:02

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