North Rhine-Westphalia: collapsed to SPD level

The SPD is in a deep crisis in North Rhine-Westphalia. At the weekend she chooses a party chairman. He must give a new direction to a nervous party.

North Rhine-Westphalia: collapsed to SPD level
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    When Mike Groschek on stage again this Saturday in Bochum, as always a fighting speech holds and Sichdanach as head of NRW-SPD, n re is a lot to say that he is not too sad.

    One year, House of governors has led most powerful, self-confident and nervous National Association of SPD. After election defeat of Hannelore Kraft, he had taken over presidency in early summer of 2017 and thus commissioned orders to reestablish broken party, to reconcile with himself, to return IhrZiel and compass.

    Now, one year later, NRW-SPD at 22Prozent is in polls. 13 points behind a CDU, which in Landesregierungallenfalls is moderately successful. The Social Democrats do not have a new policy programme, although Daseigentlich should be decided at party congress. And Landtag faction, after failed election campaign, has invested its energy primarily in internal rivalries.

    So situation before party Congress could be, cautiously formulated, more pleasant. It is no wonder, n, that it was überGroschek weeks ago that Mike had "just keinenBock more to do shop even longer".

    It was simply an ungrateful year, my many. The hopeless Bundestag election campaign after lost Landtag election, n tough negotiations on a grand coalition and never-ending grassroots events to involve opponents of Alliance – since seifür renewal of Land Association is not Much time left.

    Back room instead of grassroots democracy

    There is undoubtedly something in it and it wäreauch absurd if NRW-SPD Dastünde splendidly, where dieSozialdemokraten are everywhere else on ground.

    But it would be equally wrong to explain crisis of NRW-SPDallein with nationwide volume of situation. Because some of Problemesind homemade and also outgoing Chairman contributed his part to it. One of his last official acts was not to settle his succession. Groschek left largely demebenfalls outgoing group chairman Norbert Römer, a 71-jährigenEx mining trade unionist. A man for whom word puller was invented once in politics.

    Romans tried to heave one of his engstenVertrauten to faction leader and Gleichmitzubesetzen party presidency. It was an adventurous process of regional proportional and Hinterzimmerkumpanei: At first, even a finding commission was set up, but this was n posed by Römervor fait accompli: because he had already with Mächtigender party all essential Agreements. For SPD, which is just so intensely talking about grassroots participation and renewal, it was a verheerendesSignal that in its most important national association in end still Diealten Kungelrunden decide.

    This time failed plan. Roman man fell short in group, instead his opponent, Thomas Kutschaty, was elected ZumVorsitzenden and Romans withdrew from his party offices. After Derknappen election, group must once again become separated, BerichtenAbgeordnete. At base, lack of understanding about party leader is now great.

    Date Of Update: 23 June 2018, 12:02

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