NSU process: D as trust is severely shaken

Before the verdict in the NSU trial, the ombudswoman of the victims made serious accusations of the protection of the Constitution. The Enlightenment was not taken seriously enough.

NSU process:  D as trust is severely shaken

The ombudswoman of federal government for NSU victims, Barbara John, criticized destruction of files for Neo in Thuringia in Federal Office for Protection of Constitution as a "scandal of first quality". The authority has shown that y consider " policy competence" of political oversight to be insignificant, said John. Like all secret services, Federal office is coordinated by Chancellery. A few days before Schredderaktion in November 2011, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) promised a full clarification of NSU crimes.

They do not believe that clarification of crimes was taken seriously enough by constitutional protection authorities, said John Bavarian radio. In this way, a high-ranking regional authority is still employed at crime scene of Hessian constitutional guard who is present at NSU murder in Kassel.

John also criticized investigating authorities for not having initiated a single procedure for prosecution in office against employees who had not passed on information and thus prevented early arrest of perpetrators. Only training in police academies has improved.

"The confidence that you can live safely in Germany and that you are not killed because you are foreigners, that has been severely shaken", victim commissioned. This means that Germany must continue to deal with this process even after trial.

Praise for NSU process

The NSU process, in which alleged right-wing terrorist Beate Zschäpe is accused toger with four suspected terrorists, named John a "mammoth process" that is one of "mammoth crimes" of Nazi Subland. With Enlightenment, state had taken a lot of effort, which families and bereaved had also perceived.

Due to complicity in murders and attacks, federal prosecutor's office in NSU process has applied for life imprisonment and security custody for Zschäpe. The defense, on or hand, demands acquittal for terrorist charges and a maximum of ten years in prison for robberies and arson. The Munich High Court wants to announce verdict on Wednesday.

Date Of Update: 07 July 2018, 12:02

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