Nuclear conflict: USA set special Envoy for North Korea

Former Ford manager Stephen Biegun is to lead the North Korea policy of the United States. Next week he will travel to Pyongyang with Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo.

Nuclear conflict: USA set special Envoy for North Korea

The US government has appointed Stephen Biegun as Special envoy for North Korea. "Steve will lead US policy towards North Korea," said Foreign minister Mike Pompeo. This was aimed at making North Korea verifiable and definitively abrüste. To this end, North Korea's leaders Kim Jon Un have known, said Pompeo. He will travel to Pyongyang toger with Biegun next week.

Biegun said President Donald Trump created an opportunity to be used to secure a peaceful future for North Korean people. However, problems are great and it will be hard to solve m. It will Pompeos fourth trip to North Korea and second after meeting between Trump and North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un in June.

Biegun belonged from 2001 to 2003 to national Sicherheitsratdes n President George W. Bush. After that, he worked for auto company Ford for 14 years.

At summit of Kim and Trump on 12 June in Singapore, North Korean ruler had agreed to a "denuclearisation" of his country. However, more precise definitions, a timetable or control measures did not cite neir Trump nor Kim. That is why agreement is often criticised as too vague.

There has been no visible progress since meeting. The regime in Pyongyang surrendered mortal remains to United States, which were to come from US soldiers. However, re is still no timetable for nuclear disarmament. The International Atomic Energy Agency, in a report, concluded that North Korea had not restricted, let alone abandoned its nuclear programme.

Updated Date: 24 August 2018, 12:00

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