Nuclear power plants: France shuts down nuclear reactors due to heat

The state-owned French energy group EDF has shut down two nuclear reactors – The fault is the ongoing heat wave. Other nuclear power stations throttled their performance.

Nuclear power plants: France shuts down nuclear reactors due to heat

France's state energy group EDFhat two nuclear reactors shut down because of heat wave. As started, measures concern reactor 1 of KraftwerksSaint-Alban and reactor 2 of power plant Bugey on Rhône in east of country. The nuclear power plant InFessenheim on Upper Rhine had throttled its performance for same reason.

The aim is that water temperature in extremely heated waters should not continue to rise. Therefore, wenigererwärmtes cooling water is to be fed into it, which has an impact on operation of reactors. In Germany, too, nuclear power plants have already reduced ir power.

According to EDF, reactor 1 at KraftwerkstandortSaint-Alban had already been switched off on Thursday, this was erneutnötig on Friday noon. Bugey 2 was also shut down during afternoon. In addition, re are or reactors at two sites that have curbed ir performance. In event that temperature rises even furr, a furr reduction in performance level could not be excluded, EDF continued to inform.

Besondersumstritten is Fessenheim nuclear power plant. The federal government has been calling for a long time to lock site. The oldest French AKWgilt as uncertain. Because construction of a new nuclear reactor imnordfranzösischen Flamanville repeatedly delayed, Fessenheim previously unheard was shut down. The new reactor is to produce electricity in Fessenheimablösen.

Updated Date: 04 August 2018, 12:00

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