OLE of Beust: D as Merkel must not be pleased

Horst Seehofer is threatening the chancellor with an ultimatum. How does it react? Are the sister parties still to be saved? Ole von Beust on the asylum dispute in the union

OLE of Beust:  D as Merkel must not be pleased

Online Time: Mr von Beust, Merkel and Seehofer are openly arguing about refugee course. The CSU is issuing an ultimatum to CDU: By Monday Merkel could move on to his line in asylum policy, orwise he would order alone to turn off refugees at border that have already been registered in anor EU country. How serious is situation in your union?

OLE by Beust: She's very serious. Because a symbolic matter has become a question of face protection. No one likes to lose his face.

Online Time: What do you think a breach is threatening?

by Beust: In end, I don't believe it. Reason was always a good counselor in our party. I assume that a compromise will be found over weekend.

OLE by Beust

Ole von Beust was from 2001 to 2010 mayor of Hamburg and now works as a political advisor in Berlin.

Online Time: Do you as a Christian Democrat understand your sister party, CSU? After all, it represents interior minister and her stance on asylum policy is not new.

by Beust: The fact that it shows a clear edge in terms of content corresponds to its tradition. The CSU argues that now it is a question of finally enforcing German interest. But this is simply too short. The German interests are also European interests. and to focus only on this point – rejection at border – even at risk of being isolated in Europe, in an already difficult situation, I think is excessively exaggerated.

Online Time: The CSU says: The European solution is not feasible. Merkel has been working on this for three years. Vain.

by Beust: Well, y've been pressuring now. Merkel says: Give me two more weeks. The fact that CSU is now issuing an ultimatum by Monday is questionable and disrespectful to Chancellor.

Online Time: Is it not Seehofer's good right as a responsible minister to present his own plan here?

by Beust: Already, but Chancellor made it her business. And as head of government, you have last word. That's what Seehofer knows.

Online Time: Why is Merkel so persistent here? We actually know her as master of compromise.

by Beust: Well, she describes drama of situation in Europe correctly: Europe is really in a crucial situation. And re are many German interests in which we need or Europeans, just think of relationship with United States. Then I should not be able to push my partners ' heads by sending refugees back to neighbouring countries without prior agreement. It is unwise to come up with a symbolism that annoys ors and is questionable in matter.

Online Time: If Seehofer now picks up his party's mandate on Monday and n instructs federal police to close borders, how should Merkel react? She's going to have to kick him out, right?

by Beust: She can ask question of confidence, she can throw him out. At any rate, she must not be pleased. Orwise she loses authority.

Online Time: Or she will resign herself. Indeed, many CDU politicians seem to be on CSU line. So, in or words: Is Merkel not problem?

by Beust: I think you know so far that you're not doing anything under pressure anyway. She's going to make her mind. And I don't know how long she's still enjoying her office. That's anor question. But under pressure, she won't resign.

Online Time: Is union still to be saved? This has worked well for seven decades now. But maybe it's time for new alliances?

by Beust: I've been re for a long time. And remember Strauss and Wildbad Kreuth and threatened separation 1976. There were also constitutional complaints from CSU against own federal government, which it did not finally submit. But I have to admit: in a dimension like now, I have not experienced dispute. However, media also contribute to online transport of se conflicts much more directly and unfiltered than before.

Date Of Update: 16 June 2018, 12:02

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